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Six steps to innovating with big data

27 June 2017 / by Akash Jattan

iStock-641839870.jpgBig data doesn't simply mean having lots of data at your disposal, it's a journey. Before adopting shiny new technologies such as machine learning or Internet of Things, it's important to lay a solid data management foundation. Is all your data in one place, can your people access the right data when they need it and is data seen as a key business asset?

Organisations we’ve been talking to have a number of questions about big data and how to improve insight in their business. Common themes have emerged, with many wanting to know:

  • How to bring all types of data together in one place
  • How to prepare for new data sources, such as data from internet of things devices
  • How to automate processes for speedy delivery of insights, and
  • How they can create a 360 view of their customers to understand them intimately and create differentiating customer experiences. 

With this in mind, we’ve put together our view of a big data journey.  We believe you’ll find it useful for defining the next steps for your organisation and to help you challenge your business to think beyond current constraints.


QDP inforgraphic - final.jpeg

27 June 2017 / 0 Comments
Akash Jattan
By Akash Jattan
Akash is Head of Data Platforms and is a passionate product leader in disruptive tech who enjoys taking products from conception to delivery.

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