Data Powered Client Engagement

Realising the potential of your data and ours to transform your client engagement

By blending data from multiple sources with your own, Data Powered Client Engagement can enhance your current client view, delivering improved outcomes across a variety of measurements.

Delivery focused, Data Powered Client Engagement uses best in class private sector tools and techniques to create better client outcomes. Our modular offering makes it simple and cost effective for you to pick and choose from our services, rounding out your need or current capability.

Here’s how…

Client Data Strategy

Client data is often held in various formats and locations. Our team can create coherent data strategies across these data islands to empower a wider view of client.

Client Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management can track a client’s interaction across multiple touch points to accurately map likely future activity. Data Powered Client Engagement uses commercially proven techniques to design and implement targeted interventions ahead of predicted behaviours, helping drive cost and outcome benefits.

Client Modeling

Blending proprietary data with your own can create more precise client modeling, delivering a layered view of your client, and helping predict and optimise future outcomes.

Qrious Proprietary Services

Our market leading tools and techniques are augmented with expert resource and services from Qrious. Available for short or long term project work, our team of experts offer the latest in private sector practices, enhancing your current capabilities to bring your data to life.

Client Sentiment

Private sector measuring tools such as NPS and social media analysis help refine your client modeling, driving continuous improvements, reducing costs, and increasing beneficial outcomes.

Client Data Strategy

An effective data strategy is essential in delivering services and programmes to clients. Data Powered Client Engagement allows you to merge multiple data sets into one single view, providing a powerful base for your department and aligning data with your wider client strategy.

Working with you to define your data strategy, we can help:


Define the need or question to be answered


Agree what data is required, where it can be accessed from, and how it should be stored


Agree best practice on data access, usage, and governance


Build a roadmap to deliver on your strategy and associated programmes rapidly

Client Modeling

By blending proprietary data from private partners with your existing data sets, Data Powered Client Engagement can build an enhanced 360° view of your clients, and your role in their lives. Our modeling tools – built in consultation with some of New Zealand’s leading marketers – reduce poor client engagement by matching the right resource to the right profile.


Our segmentation tools build complex and multi-layered models based on your needs – behavioural, needs based, psychographic, or demographic. Refining your data with additional datasets helps inform engaging and cost-effective programmes, improving long-term engagement outcomes and delivering better client behaviours.

Network Analysis

Our Network Analysis tools and techniques help you better understand the complex relationships between your clients, services and service providers.  This provides insight on key influencers of good outcomes and may help to predict negative actions.

Client Sentiment

Customer sentiment is a major component in defining and creating commercial products and services. Data Powered Client Engagement applies this concept to Government, helping you to fine-tune an initiative, either by reworking unpopular elements or by amplifying those achieving most engagement. Understanding sentiment is fundamental to better engagement and is at the core of effective data-powered out-reach programmes.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoter Score is a simple and effective tool for evaluating client satisfaction. Using email based surveys we can identify promoters or detractors of your initiatives. We use this data to either shape interventions and reduce inefficiencies in a programme, or to amplify its success.

Social Media Analysis

Alongside network analysis, text – or keyword – analysis can provide powerful and flexible information on sentiment and behaviours, highlighting your clients’ attitudes to key topics in your services and programmes.

Client Lifecycle Management

Managing a client’s lifecycle through single data sets leaves gaps in the picture. By basing our lifecycle management tools on blended data, we shine a light on client actions your data may miss. Based on commercial programs, our tools are delivery and outcome focused, giving you a set of actionable insights designed to build better client behaviour, optimise spend efficiencies, and reduce the likelihood of poor outcomes.

Predictive Modeling

Accessing data outside of Government programmes lets Data Powered Client Engagement identify services and actions most appropriate for clients. From identification and early stage intervention with at risk clients, through to the provision of particular services to targeted clients, predictive modelling allows you to optimise your available budgets and reduce the long term cost of reactionary service provision.

Next Best Action

Next Best Action aligns clients with appropriate services based on their stage in the client lifecycle. Our expertise in measuring and delivering attribution helps define an action’s success rate with defined client groups, illuminating your likely next best action.


Look-a-like analysis is amplified within Data Powered Client Engagement – blending Government and private data creates better definition of look-a-like groups, improving identification and delivery of intervention services most successful with that group.

Qrious Proprietary Services

Qrious’ team of

data analysts can blend Spark’s aggregated, anonymized location based data with your own. Using the latest design practices, our visualisers can enhance your storytelling, securing better stakeholder engagement and helping to identify better client focused outcomes.