Data Powered Marketing

Realising the potential of your data and ours to transform your marketing.

Understand your customers intimately…

So you always engage the right customers, at the right time, in ways that add value – for both of you.

Here’s how…

Customer Profiling

Understand how and when to speak to your customers, as well as where to find others just like them to help you grow your business.

Customer Sentiment

Know what your customers really think about your business. Evaluate customer satisfaction using Net Promoter Score and use text analytics to identify key topics in your Social Media Conversations.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Using your data and ours, Qrious can help you manage the lifecycle of your customers; whether it’s finding new customers, introducing new products or manage changing needs and circumstances.

Customer Data Strategy

Many businesses hold a lot of useful customer data. A customer data strategy enables you to use this data to solve your business challenges.

Data Visualization

Qrious visualisation specialists can bring your data to life in a compelling way. Making it easy to understand and share across your business.

Location Based Services

Use Qrious proprietary location data to deepen the understanding of who your customers are, where they come from and their behaviour.

Contract Data Analysts

With one of NZ’s largest data science teams, Qrious can provide the resources you need for your project, either within your business or in ours.

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Customer Profiling

Consumers are increasingly discerning about when and how they consume information, with a low tolerance threshold for anything that doesn’t hit the mark. Understand how and when to speak to your customers, as well as where to find others just like them to help you to grow your business.

Qrious will unlock the value from your own data, as well as use Helix profiles and location based data where appropriate, to help you to understand and segment your customer base to inform your marketing.


Understand the makeup of your customer base for enhanced personalisation of marketing campaigns, to inform product development requirements and to improve retention and loyalty. Qrious can develop a segmentation model to suits your needs, whether that’s behavioural, needs based, psychographic or demographic segmentation.

Social network analysis

The relationships between people can provide valuable insight into your customer base. Who are the most connected? Who are the most influential? Who are sitting on the periphery and who is at most risk of leaving? By understanding these relationships you can develop more effective communication, acquisition, loyalty and retention strategies.

Customer Sentiment

Understanding what your customers think is at the heart of great marketing. Qrious offers a number of tools to help you to deeply understand and improve customer sentiment.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

If you think it may be time to review the health of your customer relationships, Net Promoter Score is a well-regarded tool for evaluating customer satisfaction. Using a simple rating system, you can easily identify who is a promoter of your business and who isn’t, which channels are working well and which need some improvement.

Social Media Analysis

Another useful way to see what your customers are saying about you is to analyse Social Media conversations. Using text analytics, Qrious can extract key topics from on-line chat about your brand, products and services to extract customer sentiment – as well as compare it to your competitors, if you wish.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Qrious can also use your data and ours to help you to manage the lifecycle of your customers, whether it’s to introduce new products or manage changing needs and circumstances.

Customer Lifecycle Management involves breaking down all the decision points a customer faces into stages. This allows you to tailor interactions to encourage a customer along this pathway. Once the lifecycle model has been developed, it can also be used to predict future behaviour.

Cross Selling and Upselling or ‘Next Best Action’

While your customers don’t want to be bombarded by irrelevant information, they do want to feel that you value their custom and understand their needs. If you have a product or offer that suits them, they want to hear about it first. ‘Next Best Action’ gives you the information you need to be able to recommend products or services that your customers want to hear about.

Predictive Modeling

Do you want to understand your at risk customers, or increase prices but you’re worried about the impact on your customers? Launch a new product but you don’t know how to price it? Or, perhaps, you simply have customer retention is on your mind? By looking at patterns of customer behaviour , Qrious can build a predictive model to:

  • help you to set pricing in your customer’s sweet spot;
  • predict the impact of a price increase on your customer base;
  • identify customers at risk of churn so you can intervene and take action before it’s too late and help you to build retention strategies.

Dynamic Pricing

As an extension of Predictive Modeling, dynamic pricing strategies allow you to maximise your revenues by offering personalised pricing to customers based on their predicted tolerance.


Similar to Churn Modelling, look-a-like analysis involves finding groups of customers who resemble one another, for example finding prospects who are similar to an organisation’s best customers. This technique is commonly used to identify customers most likely to convert for upsell / cross-sell campaigns.

Customer Data Strategy

Effective Data Powered Marketing supports and delivers the wider business strategy.

For most businesses, lack of data isn’t the issue. It’s more common that the data you have isn’t currently organised in a way that’s useful to you… Housed in multiple places and different formats, it doesn’t ‘speak’ the same language, so it’s difficult to get a total view of your business or customer, let alone unlock actionable insights.

The Qrious Customer Data Strategy formula provides clear steps to help you to create or review your data strategy:

  1. Define the question or need to be answered
  2. Determine what data to use and how to store it
  3. Agree who will access and use the data
  4. Create a roadmap to deliver value quickly

Data Visualization

Having the data is one thing, making it easy to understand is something else. Qrious can bring your reports to life through visualization, making it easier for you to share the outcomes with the rest of your business.

Location Based Services

Providing insights into the movement of people throughout New Zealand to help you understand who your customers are, where they come from and their behaviour.

Contract Data Analysts

Struggling to find the right skillset for your team, or need project resource? Good data analysts are in short supply. With one of NZs largest data science teams, Qrious can provide the specialist knowledge you need; short or long term, embedded in your business or in ours.

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