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Qrious is passionate about delivering better outcomes for New Zealand and sees a range opportunities where data could be used to help improve outcomes.

  • The ability to ’mash’ together public and private sector datasets to unlock greater insight.
  • Creating re-useable assets that can be shared across agencies.
  • Improve the accuracy of and reduce the time taken to respond to OIA and PQ requests through the use of modern visualisation tools on consistent, unified data.

We can provide the infrastructure stack, unique datasets, and comprehensive data science or visualisation skills in any combination to provide ad hoc analysis, or full day-to-day operational capability.

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How we can help

Social Policy

Creating a ‘single view of citizen’ to predict and optimise future outcomes through early intervention before long term situations arise.


Improving student achievement over time through matching the right resources based on the students individual potential and learning style.


Better understand the appropriate treatment for the patient; better attributing the cost of treatment; reducing re-admissions and much more.


Better understand the circumstances of the taxpayer and ensure the ‘best action’ when interacting with them; Identify and minimise fraudulent activity; Improve collection rates.


Build a single view of the offender and their journey through the justice system to optmise the best interventions to reducing recidivism.



Identify the true cost of treatment; ensure the right provider is aligned to the client for the optimal treatment pathway and reduced long-term costs.

Data Powered Client Engagement

Data has revolutionised customer engagement and marketing in the private sector. Data Powered Client Engagement brings Qrious’ investment in this revolution to Government.

Why Choose Qrious?

We provide a range of analytics and data services, as a service, so you only pay for what you consume without needing to purchase expensive licences and hardware.


Unlock data value

The ability to ’mash’ together public and private sector datasets (including Qrious’ own datasets) means you get greater insight out of your existing data.


Advanced Analytics

Our team of experienced data scientists can provide analytical support for your projects.


The right tools

A single, best of breed discovery and visualisation tool across Government – means a consistent interface promoting widespread use, therefore unlocking greater value.


Low financial barrier to entry

Start small and grow as demand and maturity increases; agencies of all sizes can benefit.

Get the best of both worlds

Run by Qrious, backed by Spark.  Get the benefits of dealing with a start-up (flexibility, agility, ‘can do’) backed by the surety of critical mass (systems, platform and data security, investment, commitment to public sector).

Unleash our Big Data Platform

Qrious has developed a leading big data platform that is hosted in New Zealand by a New Zealand company.  This capability is at the heart of our analytics offering – and that big data engine is at your disposal.

It’s already built – start now and get results faster.


Secure NZ based platform

Data is located and available on a secure platform – providing the ability to join public sector datasets in a neutral environment thus providing a better view of the ‘business’.


Audience control

Multi-level security policy ensures data can be viewed only according to specific access rights – from ‘public’ access to ‘eyes only’.


Secure Transfer

Automated data loading / management across many data formats – reduces the risk inherent with manual processes and possible data corruption.


Competitive Pricing

A unique blend of commercial software, open source tools and commodity hardware keeps costs appropriate for the requirement.

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