Supporting the tourism sector with revolutionary insights, that help inform strategic direct and enable data driven decision-making.

Qrious provides rich, interactive tourism insights across New Zealand for regions, events & locations of interest. We have combined anonymous mobile location data with additional datasets such as demographic and weather to provide revolutionary visual insights.

Qrious Voyager

An interactive visual insights portal that provides insight into visitors movements throughout New Zealand.


Gain a clear understanding of current and historic tourism activity. Use this intelligence to re-align strategy and then test how effective those changes have been.


Build smarter marketing campaigns based on your insight or utilise the expertise of Qrious to help do this for you.


And many more...


Analyse tourism activity for a single region or all regions, understand if you are outperforming or underperforming in comparison to industry standard.

Interactive Web-based Portal

An intuitive product allowing you to visualize and interact with the data.  User friendly for the first time or experienced user.

A graph showing total number of arrivals from January to September.

Understanding Event and Location Attendance

Understanding how events or attractions are performing is not always easy, particular when they’re free. That’s where we can help.

Cape Reinga Lighthouse

We can tell you how successful an event was or monitor the performance of a location, where visitors came from, how long they stayed, when attendance was high or low along with demographic breakdowns.

Audience Measurement

Through the use of anonymous mobile location data we can provide accurate information about attendance, unique and repeat, as well as dwell time and audience flows over time.

Origin analysis

Our datasets also enables us to provided detailed information on visitor origins down to suburb level for domestic tourist or country for international tourist.

Audience segmentation

With detailed origin information, we can then provide insights into the demographics and behaviour attributes of your audience using Helix Personas.

Optimise Your Marketing Spend

Understand your audience

Using Roy Morgan’s Single Source data, we can dive into the specific attributes of your audience.  Covering everything from media consumption patterns, brand preference, lifestyle choices, service provider preferences and purchasing intentions.


Optimise advertising

Improve the relevancy of your marketing campaigns by aligning them to your audiences’ values.  Then tailor your message channel to match the preferences of different personas.

Maximise sponsorship

With a new found knowledge of your audience, you will also be able to improve sponsorship revenue by providing robust audience numbers supported by qualified research on their links with a sponsor’s brand.

Analytics on tap

Leverage our data science team to combine your own data with audience persona information, or to create tailored customer segmentations, to support your decision making.

Why use Qrious?

Improved decision-making

Through using our data organisations are already making decisions that have increased profit


Cost Savings

Our visual analytics are quickly identifying where organisations are being inefficient with spend so that they can act fast.

Smarter Marketing

We help you to Identify what is working and what is not, where there are gaps or potential under performance.  We then help you test your strategy until you have a successful model.

Ongoing Monitoring

We can provide BI & Warehousing services to help you monitor your performance over time, through the use of easy to understand reporting tools.

A cost effective way to measure audiences

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