Revolutionise the design and operation of global transport networks

Our world is experiencing rapid data and technology change. This sparked our curiosity, it excited us, it motivated us to think about how this data explosion can be harnessed to bring about positive change.

Traffic Management


Real time traffic flow management

Our product visualises travel time delays and queuing around your site in real time, helping you predict where and when you’ll be impacted.

Proactive Alerts

Automated alerts are sent to your field staff, giving early warning so they can proactively respond by making changes on the site, or coordinating with the TOC to minimise the impact on traffic flow.

No Hardware

Traffic flow information without the need to install hardware or rely on existing fixed roadside sensors.


Assess speed of passing traffic

Your OSH responsibilities may include monitoring vehicle speeds at your site. We can give you detailed reports on traffic speed through a site, so that adjustments can be made to slow down traffic and keep workers safe.

Transport Planning


Understand movement patterns

Qrious can give you insights into people’s daily travel patterns at a suburb, city or even national level, using our aggregated and anonymised mobile location data. They’re actual journeys, recorded every minute of every day.

Working out why

You can overlay individual journeys with the time of day, day of week and major destinations and land uses to infer people’s journey objectives. This means you can understand the priority of journeys and the likelihood of those journeys being optional or critical.

Look forward and back in time

We hold aggregated and anonymised mobile location data, dating back to February 2015, for travel analysis across New Zealand. You can see seasonal variations, and medium-term trends of both journey volumes and movements in journey start and end points. Projecting those trends lets you predict future journey flows.

Overlay other datasets

Overlay other data sets like weather, events information and social media activity for richer behavioural information.

Connect Traffic Feeds

Connect traffic, public transport or your own telematics data for further insights.


Fewer assumptions gives you, your stakeholders and your community more confidence.

Incident Detection

Dynamic polling

Detects traffic anomalies and quickly hones down on the affected area.

Proactive notifications

Receive notifications alerting you to possible incidents on the network.

Quick assessments

Manage large stretches of road or networks with ease, without the need for hardware. This can help you quickly prove business cases or the need for change.

Additional Services

Social Media Analytics

Ever wanted to know what people are saying about you? Using text analytics Qrious can extract the key topics that relate to your business, products and services. We can extract sentiment and compare the satisfaction over various areas or topics.

BI & Warehousing

Our team provide a comprehensive Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing suite of services. These support organisations making the transformation to data-driven decision making.

Advanced Analytics

Utilise our leading team of data scientists for your own custom project.

Consulting Services

Qrious also offers bespoke analysis, recommendations and customised work. The potential applications of better information are unlimited.

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