Location Insights

Providing insights into the anonymous movement of people throughout New Zealand

Take control of your physical footprint, with data

We provide our customers with accurate information about event attendance, catchment areas, traffic flows and tourist behaviour throughout New Zealand.


Movement Insights

Actual audience measurement, including unique and repeat visitor information

Key Metrics

Analysis of audience counts, dwell times, and audience flows

Customer Segmenation

Understand audience attributes with behavioural or Helix Persona segmentation


Use this information to improve marketing effectiveness and sponsorship revenue

Use Cases for Location Insights


Providing event organisers with insights into audience counts, dwell times, flow patterns and rich persona breakdowns to support marketing and sponsorship activities.


Delivering a easy and cost effective solution for understanding origin and destination flows down to Area Units.


Store or business catchment analysis based on real behaviour, not just proximity to your location.

To be added

Advantages of an ongoing subscription


Understand change over time

One-off reports are valuable but ongoing reports are truly powerful, as they allow you to make changes and monitor the impact.


Compare and contrast

Comparing different events enables you to unlock a greater understanding of your target audience, and what appeals to them.


Economies of scale

Subsequent reports are much easier and therefore cheaper to produce, once the initial setup work has been completed to define an area of interest.


Customised outputs

We can tailor your location insights offering to meet ongoing needs, including the creation of intuitive online dashboards.


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