New technology is powering Auckland’s events, delivering deeper audience insights

The Situation:

Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) is the economic growth agency for the Auckland region, tasked with driving innovation and transforming the local economy so that Auckland is a desirable place to visit, live, work, play, invest and do business.

ATEED funds up to 40 major events per year and were immediately intrigued by Qrious’ Location Insights offering, and its ability to lift the veil on what was really happening at events.  Up until this point, ATEED had been relying on manually gathered data through ‘pen and paper’ surveys and methods such as crowd counts to assess and forecast visitors.

The Solution:

By leveraging the power of publicly available data stores, aggregated anonymised Spark mobile location data and other commercial data sources, Qrious was able to deliver a transformative solution with actionable insights.

Qrious used proprietary algorithms to identify points of interest and filter out background noise that did not relate to the events. A team of data scientists then produced a range of insights into visitor volumes, dwell times, originating suburbs and inferred audience profiles.  These insights were presented in a comprehensive report.

The Outcomes:

  • Myths dispelled – rich insights provided by Qrious dispelled a range of myths about the types of people who attended different events.
  • Delivering better events – not only did ATEED get a far more accurate picture of the numbers attending, but also insights into the demographics of attendees enabling them to improve the quality of their events and deliver excellent value for money.
  • Informed decision-making – understanding the catchment of the Lantern Festival – most attendees came from inner-city neighbourhoods – meant that ATEED reconsidered a proposal to move the event out of the central city, instead opting for a larger venue at The Domain that would appeal to the largest component of the audience.
  • Sponsorship information – having the ability to talk to the demographics events are reaching, and backing this up with real information provided a powerful message for sponsors.

Full Case Study

Infographic of the Skinny engagement, showing how transition from current situation to solution and the end results

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