Skinny mobile partnered with Qrious to gain a rich understanding of their customers, enabling them to delight customers through mass customisation.

The Situation:

Skinny, like many new businesses that have grown rapidly, managed their data in Excel spreadsheets and Access databases.  While this had worked well in the early years, Skinny wanted to leverage its rich customer information to drive growth through data driven marketing and analytics.  This strategy required a completely new approach to data management.

The Solution:

When Skinny engaged Qrious, the first step was also the most obvious one: consolidating the information sources.  Pulling Skinny’s data into a single data warehouse was the foundational layer required to move on to more advanced applications whilst delivering real-time reporting and analytics tools. Equipped with a new understanding of their customers, Skinny wanted additional support around some specific customer segments.  One example was international tourists.  Through the use of Advanced Analytics, Qrious was able to provide insights into this segment enabling Skinny to provide specific packages tailored to their needs.

The outcomes:

  • Staff empowered to ask questions – baseline reporting has become an enabler for a variety of roles. Informing business decisions, along with product and service design.
  • Customers delighted through mass customisation – improved insights have meant Skinny can more accurately meet their customers’ needs; tailored offers are provided based on what customers want, when they want it.
  • Real-time campaign insights – watching marketing campaigns as they unfold has enabled Skinny to gauge the response ‘mid-stream’, then tailor offers on the fly to improve engagement and maximise investment.
  • More accurate churn modelling – with more accurate information on the drivers of customer churn, Skinny have a greater understanding of segments – such as international tourists – who will naturally leave. Freeing up resource to focus on other at-risk segments.

Full Case Study

Infographic of the Skinny engagement, showing how transition from current situation to solution and the end results

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