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2020 vision: Doing more with data and the cloud

Generally, 20/20 vision only works well in hindsight, but what an opportunity we have with the new year upon us. The cloud is increasingly the preferred platform for data, machine learning is maturing to the extent that it is accessible as a service, data analytics is a de facto standard and Artificial Intelligence is becoming less sci-fi and more reality.

What all that means for lifelong data geeks is…it’s an exciting time to be alive. While we’re not going to make any predictions, in line with Niels Bohr’s observation that they are hard (especially about the future), we will outline our four top data trends to watch for 2020.

1. Starting with super-powered data warehousing

All the good stuff of machine learning and AI starts with data. Organised data. Developments in the cloud not only allow data organisation, but mobilisation, that is, you can rapidly do something with it. Especially with smart services like AWS AQUA for Redshift. Check out what Tech Crunch has to say about the sheer power now available to, er, crunch data in the cloud – because speed counts.

2. And moving on to augmented data management

People are clever and creative. We tend to have the great ideas for what to do with data. People are also really not that great at repetitive, mundane tasks…and with technical skills in short supply, automated data management just makes good sense. After all, machine learning and AI, for all the hype, won’t be replacing anyone anytime soon. What these techniques will do is augment people in their work. And what better place than in data management itself. Gartner offers several sage observations on how ML and AI are accelerating data mobilisation and management.

3. Which, in turn, enables AI adoption

Yep, it starts with data and when enabled to manage tonnes of it fast, the ‘good oil’ is the result. But here’s the real kicker: ML and its bigger brother AI aren’t concepts in the void. Good oil depends on sound use cases. That means data experts and business insiders must work together to create compelling value propositions that get execs and their purse strings on side. The challenge is laid bare by Corinium, which notes that securing board approval for these projects isn’t easy. And it’ll likely involve a bit of tech upheaval, too – legacy infrastructure isn’t generally up to the task.

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4. ...that can go anywhere (with 5G)

The essence of 5G really is ‘just’ that it’s a really, really fast wireless network. Masses of data in the cloud, and intelligence at the edge, though, depends on that sort of connectivity. That’s what makes 5G such a big deal for data nerds: it means ‘cloud everywhere. Forbes makes the case that 5G underpins mass adoption of future tech: robots, autonomous cars, IoT intelligent devices in multiple industries.

As we roll into 2020, data and the cloud are front and centre. With better connectivity, readily available services and your insights, the only question left to ponder is…how will data shape your new year?

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