How to get started with Facebook Messenger bots

Messaging apps now have more users than social media platforms, and Facebook Messenger has the most users overall. With over 1 billion users, Facebook Messenger allows you to interact with your customers in new and exciting ways, and provides the perfect opportunity to engage with prospects and customers.

Although Facebook Messenger bots were released last year, they have been increasing in functionality and popularity as a way of engaging and beginning conversations with users. More recently Facebook introduced the ability to search for Messenger bots through its ‘Discover’ tab in the Messenger app, meaning bots have even more potential for discovery and engagement.

So now is the ideal time to start taking advantage of this channel if you haven’t already.

At Qrious, we have been working to bring this functionality onto our marketing automation platform. We now have the capability to help you create sophisticated Messenger bots to engage with prospects and customers through Facebook.


So what are Facebook Messenger bots?

Facebook Messenger bots let you set up automated conversations or programmes with which people can interact in more immediate and engaging ways.

While people have been able to interact with businesses through Facebook Messenger this needed to be monitored to ensure customers weren’t left waiting hours or days for a response – if they got one at all. Facebook Messenger bots can be fully automated meaning users get instant answers, or a mix of automated and real human responses depending on the complexity of the bot, and the type of service being provided.


What can I use it for?

A bot can be used for almost anything. Here’s just a few examples:

  • Product or content engagement and distribution
  • Lead generation
  • Utility re-contracting / re-signing
  • Daily lifestyle updates: i.e. weather, bus times, traffic reports
  • Booking accommodation, flights, rental cars etc
  • Book appointments and reminders
  • Financial advice
  • Customer service queries or FAQ
  • Games, quizes or surveys
  • Facilitate online purchases


What’s the benefit of using Facebook Messenger bots?

One of the most compelling reasons to use Messenger to engage with customers is its prevalence. 2.3 million New Zealanders use Facebook every day, and worldwide 78% of mobile users leave their messaging app notifications on – which is higher than email or social media. If you’re sending messages via a messenger app they are highly likely to receive the notification and engage.

When paired with your marketing database Facebook Messenger bots can personalise content and responses to the user, much like you can personalise emails or other marketing channels. Furthermore (for the more advanced) you can code your bot to recognise intent and sentiment and adapt responses accordingly, ensuring that you’re providing a targeted and relevant experience.


How can I start using FB Messenger bots?

There are a couple of ways you can start developing your Messenger bots.

You can develop it yourself following Facebook’s instructions and platform – which can be tricky for the non-tech savvy.

Or you can talk to us. We’ve done the research and the testing so we can build and manage your Facebook Messenger bot direct from UbiQuity.

And by building your bot direct in UbiQuity you can capture user data directly back into your database and use it to connect with them via other channels. We’ll also be able to provide best practice advice to help you develop a programme that will engage your users, and generate valuable data for your business.


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