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Why you want the gold standard in data security

Despite our reputation as an off-the-grid slice of heaven in the middle of the pacific, New Zealand is hyper-digital, and our organisations are creating and using data at ever increasing rates. However, with this avalanche of data, organisations are now under greater pressure to keep it safe, secure and free from threats. 

Security threats

Consistent with what’s happening around the world, New Zealanders accounts and personal data are being compromised. Cyber-enabled threats to New Zealand’s security continue to grow in number, scope and scale. And it’s costing us. The Government’s Cyber Security Strategy from July this year showed that New Zealanders have lost over $14.1m as a result of poor cyber security, mostly due to phishing and credential harvesting. 

Taking security seriously

It’s natural to assume that the businesses who handle our data are looking after it properly. But what does that really mean and how can you actually tell if they are?

With data at the very core of what we do at Qrious, we certainly don’t take a “she’ll be right” attitude. It’s important that we keep our clients data – and that of their customers - safe from threats, so we’ve worked hard to build a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS).

And we’re proud to say that our ISMS has been accredited with ISO 27001 - the internationally recognised gold standard of data security. Not only does this accreditation give our clients’ valuable peace of mind, but it also provides independent, audited, third-party validation.

As one of only a small number of New Zealand organisations to have achieved the ISO 27001 certification, this provides us with a framework of policies and processes around our information security risk management along with rigorous controls across all legal, physical and technical specifications.

What does the ISO certification mean for our clients? 

Not only does it make the procurement much easier and quicker, it also gives our clients a level of trust and confidence from a data security perspective. And it gives them the ability to demonstrate a proactive approach to data security in relation to their own customers. 

For New Zealand to stay safe we need to take a proactive approach. It’s important for business to keep the conversation open. Everyone needs to be aware. You can read more about ISO 27001 here and find out more about the government’s plans here. 

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