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How Qrious enables a modern approach to data

When it comes to data, the question has moved way past ‘if it has value, instead focusing on how to expose the value for transformational advantage. For many companies, the challenge lying between them and this promised land comes down to cost and just how wieldy a data analysis platform is – or is not 

Frequently, an unwieldy data platform leads to scrubbing analysis missions before they even get to the launch pad. It has also led to our introduction of Qrious' Modern Data Platforms, with the objective of bringing immediacy and excitement to data usage. 

Martin Norgrove, Qrious Head of Data Platforms, explains: “The major issue with data has always been quantity and the cost of doing something with it. When you’ve got terabytes and terabytes of data – as many companies do – there’s always a nagging sense that you should be getting some value out of it. And you should.” 

But with legacy approaches to data management, ‘doing something’ is far from simple, easy, or indeed affordable. “Just getting the infrastructure arranged can be problematic. Let’s say you have a business case. Now there are large upfront costs for servers, storage, licenses, developers. It’s an army of people, processes and a significant capital expense, all of which could eat up six months or more before anything of value is done for the business. 

What that means in practice, says Norgrove, is that many potentially great ideas for leveraging data are stalled, because acting on those ideas equates to business risk 

“When large sums of time, money and human resources are committed, you want to be pretty certain of the value which comes from it,” Norgrove notes – and with innovative approaches to data leverage, those outcomes aren’t always assured. 

The solution 

Our Modern Data Platforms is an ecosystem for business innovation, essential to remaining competitive and relevant in today's always-connected world. In addition to the fundamental technical advantages – high availability, fault tolerance, scalability, and elasticity – a Modern Data Platform allows companies in every industry to take advantage of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality. The platform as a service offering can empower you to evolve core capabilities and open new revenue streams with innovative solutions. 

This solution enables rapid delivery. Not only of the underlying infrastructure, but a fully supported platform that business users can access – in as little as a few days – and start experimenting.” says Norgrove. He adds you'll be cutting costs while setting a path for the future. Qrious offer amortisation over term options to remove the upfront costs of migrating existing data platforms or building new ones into one monthly fee. Offering immediate access to the latest technology to support cost-effective immediate and future-proofed data platform requirements. 

A key part of our offering is a constant eye on continuous improvement by expert teams. Backed by this proven expertise, Norgrove says data insights become more accessible. “We’re seeing a surge in demand from customers who want to use data analysis, but don’t want to spend time on infrastructure. With our offering, they get something to use right at the beginning of the project and start getting used to the platform as soon as possible. They also start thinking more broadly about what they want, and start providing us with richer user requirements as they realise the value of what we’re building. 

We are dedicated to building best-of-breed solutions to address customer’s complex data problems and meet their business needs. A key component of Modern Data Platforms is the alliance with multiple technology partnerships such as WhereScape, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platforms. This shared obsessive focus on the customer-first mentality led to Qrious’ Modern Data Platforms being awarded and being named Snowflake’s APAC Solution Partner of the Year for 2020. 


A helpful tool 

One very important aspect of Modern Data Platforms is choosing the right tool. A popular choice is Snowflake. This tool is designed for rapid prototyping and getting results out the door in days – not weeks. 

Our Modern Data Platforms leverages Snowflake’s scalability to deliver performant analytics, solving the traditional problem of having to build technology solutions for peak workloads. Snowflake’s easy integration makes the perfect solution to build complex, user-friendly, data powered applications that support an increase in the adoption of the data driven solutions. 

“Snowflake is unique because it doesn’t matter if you have 10MB or 100 petabytes of data. It’s the same technology all the way through. It’s simple to use, with little to no overhead on traditional things like disk management, user queries, ETL and user conflict, managing storage and compute – you can even separate workloads into clusters – and that means you can be very targeted in how you use the platform, as you literally pay for what you use.” says Norgrove. 

Where older approaches to data warehousing tended to result in persistent (read expensive) environments, this combination provides for the rapid establishment of cheaper transient ones. This means you can whip up a data warehouse for experimentation and innovation, and just as quickly close it down. Experimentation, innovation and just trying things out becomes quite possible – and that further bolsters return on investment in data analysis.

A new modern data approach 

With the combination of the right expertise, agile methodology, and the right tools – there’s a foundation for alignment and prioritisation that allows you to optimise investment in people, technology, and time. Organisations can focus on optimising their data while Qrious manages the design, build and continuous support and monitoring of their Modern Data Platform.

Learn more about Modern Data Platforms here, or if you'd like to talk to one of our team, get in touch. 

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