How influenced are you by influencer marketing?

This Marketing Association Brainy Breakfast (exclusively sponsored by Qrious) was not to be missed – at least that’s what its sold-out status led us to believe.

The topic: ‘The Power of Influencer Marketing’ was brilliantly covered by speakers Rebecca Ingram of Tourism NZ, Iyia Liu – founder of ‘Waist Trainer’ and ‘Luxe’, and James Polhill – founder of NZ based influencer marketing platform ‘Populr’. All gave insights into the influencer marketing marketplace, and how to successfully harness this new channel of brand and product promotion.

For the Qrious Brainy Breakfast Poll of attendees, we wanted to find out how influenced NZ marketers are by influencer marketing, and who their favourite NZ influencers are.

Here's what we learned:

The majority (78%) of attendees voted that they’re sometimes influenced and more likely to go for a brand or product promoted by an influencer if it’s something they’ve been considering purchasing already.

  • 17% wouldn’t fully commit to admitting they’re influenced by Influencer marketing.
  • Only 6% would buy a product if they’re favourite influencer was promoting it, based solely on that plug (and one even regretted that purchase!)

And what kind of Influencers are NZ marketers following?

  • Food and Healthy Lifestyle (Including fitness and nutrition) seems to be the most popular category of influencers. Nadia Lim (from My Food Bag), Makaia Carr (from Motivate Me NZ) and Julia and Libby (from Julia and Libby) had the most mentions in our follow up question ‘Who is your favourite NZ influencer, and what have they convinced you to purchase?’.
  • Famous sports personalities (like Richie McCaw, Dan Carter and well, the whole All Blacks team) also popped up, convincing their followers to buy a specific brand of sporting gear.


So what can you take away from this?

One of the biggest things that shines through from all this (and backed up by our speakers) is that you don’t need to pay the likes of the Kardashians to get your product in front of those that will want to buy it (although a well-timed Kylie Jenner gram was certainly beneficial for one brand). Even relatively new ‘celebrities’, well known personalities, or just someone with a heap of followers on social media can be the perfect springboard for your brand or product.

Makaia Carr, for example, came onto the radar after developing her own brand from scratch in 2012. She has since grown her fan base to make her a worthwhile brand ambassador and influencer. Others start blogs, have highly inspirational Instagram accounts, or produce engaging YouTube videos. They may not be well known outside of their follower group – but often this group is engaged enough to become beneficial as an influencer for the right brands.


Find your match

Which brings me to the next point. A very important step is to find someone who aligns with your brand – and is excited to work with you. Rebecca Ingram considers this the ‘sweet spot’. Many influencers work hard to build a relationship of trust and authenticity with their followers, so promoting a brand that doesn’t align with their life and style is unlikely to get their followers excited. So do your research.

A top tip from Iyia Liu is to check out who a potential influencers followers are – if your product is mainly targeted at females, but the influencer’s followers are predominantly male, it’s unlikely you’ll get the results you’re hoping for.


Final thoughts

So, would your brand benefit from influencer marketing? In the Q&A session the speakers all attested that it can be a good fit for both B2C and B2B. The trick is to find the right person to be your influencer, and the right channel for them to work from.

Influencer marketing doesn’t seem to be slowing down in efficacy, so why not see if it could be a fit for you.

Of course influencer marketing should fit into your wider digital marketing strategy and activities, supported by lead capture and nurturing programmes to allow you to build your own relationships with these new customers.

Want to find out how Qrious can help with lead capture and nurture? Get in touch.

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