Light reading for the long weekend

Labour Day could not have come at a better time – as 2019 races to a close, we all could do with a Monday off.
But what will you do with all the extra time?
We have pulled together top the four most interesting articles that caught our eye this week. Perfect to keep you entertained over the weekend.

1. Why CMOs need to be trained in tech in order to lead
As Qrious’ marketing department, we loved this blog post from Kayleigh Alexandra. It’s fair to say that tech has evolved marketing, and the rate that its increased makes it to keep up – especially if you’re busy leading a team to success. Alexandra lays out why every modern CMO needs a solid level of technical comprehension to lead the way for their company. Why? Because you can’t optimise what you don’t understand. 
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2. Actually Interesting: The cancer-fighting, wildlife protecting, life-saving power of artificial intelligence.
AI for good is a topic close to our hearts, and in this month’s Actually Interesting podcast, Russell Brown speaks to Ben Reid, executive director of the AI Forum, about the role of government in embracing and regulating AI.
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3. Gymnastics’ Latest Twist? Robot Judges That See Everything
Here at Qrious we love AI, we love sports and we love Simone Biles, the GOAT. Here, the New York Times investigates how AI Robots (cool) are being used to help judge the world champs.
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4. Trello x Post It
Look, this isn’t an article perse, but the news that Trello is integrating with Post It is a godsend for agile evangelists everywhere. Bring on the virtual kanbans. 
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Happy reading! 

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