How does New Zealand’s largest telco transform their data powered marketing practice?

How Qrious is helping Spark transform their data powered marketing practice with Adobe Campaign

In a highly competitive telecommunications environment, Spark’s goal is to always be customer first. Simple right? Yeah, right - that’s why Spark New Zealand engaged with Qrious to help them tackle the daunting task of creating an omnichannel marketing ecosystem that truly puts customers at the centre.

Creating a Customer 360

With over 2.5 million customers with different needs, siloed data and a mixed deck of legacy marketing tools, Spark and Qrious had their work cut out for them. Spark needed a tool that could handle the complexities of their business, work with their complex data sets, hit the personalisation requirements their customers demand and deliver a truly omnichannel experience. Ideally, it would save some money, too.

The first step – define what success looks like for all marketing team needs. Qrious helped Spark’s marketing team align on a strategy and vision for success. To be successful in implementing a solution this large it is the most critical step. Spark needed a solution that works for B2C as well as B2B communications. The goal became to create a 360 degree view of their customers, that catered to corporate, business and consumer needs. It was a vital part of the project to create a solution that connected all the data points together.

A natural extension to Adobe Campaign

Now there was alignment on Spark's need, it was clear a marketing data platform was needed to complete the task at hand. Qrious believe when architecting a data solution for a customer it needs to have the right mix of structure and flexibility to meet both current and future needs. Now the challenge became to find the right technology fit.

Spark was already using Adobe products as part of their push to becoming a data-driven, customer-centric business. Lena Jenkins, Head of Data Powered Marketing for Qrious, helped lead the adoption of the Adobe Experience Cloud suite across Spark, noting, “The combination of Adobe Experience Manager, Analytics, Target, and Audience Manager enabled Spark to deliver personalised customer experiences across their smartphone app and websites”.

“Adobe software also helped Spark to move to an agile way of working, which means they now have the accountability to help ensure each customer’s experience is a positive one.”

The decision to work with Adobe Campaign was a natural extension to the existing capability.

It offers an orchestrated, automated, omnichannel experience. And, better yet, Spark would be able to speak to as many customers, in as many areas of the business, through whichever channels were best for them.

By bringing together the power of Adobe Campaign and the marketing automation and data expertise of Qrious, a unified, omnichannel strategy has been implemented to take Spark into the future.

“It’s not just about the tech. Tech is an enabler and it's very important, but you need to build a vision around the experience you want to deliver for your customer, and then work out what your people need to do in order to deliver that, as well as the tech you need to enable that”, says Jenkins.

Each area of the Spark business had different requirements for data powered marketing. Different teams were using different tools, and they each used and stored data in different ways. Some needed to communicate with stakeholders or business owners. Some needed to speak to subscribers. Some needed to talk to people who weren’t customers yet.

Spark needed a partner to drive the planning and management of the shift from disparate systems to Adobe Campaign. Spark also wanted to ensure they exploring all the possibilities and planning for the expanded capabilities that Adobe Campaign would offer.

That’s why they looked to Qrious, experts in both data powered marketing and digital transformation to help them navigate successfully though the journey.

What would it look like if we started from scratch?

To get started, Spark asked Qrious to help answer the question: how would we lay this out if we wanted to start over and optimise the customer experience?

Qrious Data Powered Marketing Consultants worked with Spark to plot out customer journeys that would leverage the full capability of the Adobe Campaign platform.

This strategic perspective shifted focus for Spark. Instead of looking at the shift from disparate systems to Adobe Campaign as trying to get from A to B, Qrious to provided clarity on the fullness of what Spark could accomplish after they got to B.

Data Powered Marketing Consultants helped Spark map out the transition phases, too. With different tools across different areas of the business in play, it was important to prioritise areas for adoption and navigate dependencies.

But what about the nitty gritty?

 A level-headed, strategic eye over a digital transformation project is great. But Spark also needed support to practically transitioning campaigns from their legacy platform to Adobe Campaign.

Marketing Automation Specialists from Qrious managed this entire process with Spark. Working with a range of vertical stakeholders, they stepped Spark’s team through the process, while also helping them learn how to use the Adobe Campaign tool to its full capability.

Following agile principles, Spark created four different squads to manage the transformation. Qrious and Adobe were central to these squads, with weekly syncs and aligned planning to ensure dependencies were managed and the project stayed on track.

Now what?

Adobe Campaign went live across Spark in August 2019. Qrious continues to work with Spark to build and execute most of their campaigns, bringing faster turnaround and true omnichannel marketing.

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