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The plight of the lone data scientist

Artificial Intelligence is often said to be inspired by the way the human brain works, with its billions of neurons connected by a complex network giving rise to sophisticated human behaviour. The individual neurons are vital to the existence of the network, but it's the way you connect them together that makes magic happen. 

World-class AI teams are no different. Its members may be individually brilliant, diligent, and professional, but what makes an AI team truly shine is the collaboration and connection between them. When left alone on solo projects, data scientists rarely have the time, knowledge, or perspective to create the tooling and automation that prevent frustration and toil. Their ability to frame a problem is limited to their own accumulated knowledge and creativity, leaving many to fall back to off-the-shelf solutions that are usually an imperfect fit. 

This is why at Qrious we aim to blend individual ownership with a whole-team approach to every project, product, or service.

Data scientists leading projects are empowered to feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for the outcome– but when they encounter a barrier to their success, there's a group of AI Engineers in the trenches with them, ready and able to provide their own ability and experience. 

Our collaborative approach is also vital for enabling the tooling and workflow enhancements that continually improve our productivity, allowing us to enter new markets and tackle new problems at an ever-increasing rate. It also allows us to manage complexity and technical debt, and maintain our competitiveness in a rapidly evolving technology landscape. 

Not every company has the luxury of wrapping a whole support team around their data scientists. Whether embedded in product, marketingor sales teams, or with a few other analysts, these data scientists pull out all the stops to create value without access to the force multipliers they need to truly move the needle for their organisations. 

At Qrious, we are committed to building NZ's AI economy, and we know that - just like you - we can't do that alone. 

Are you a data scientist in this position, or the manager of one? Let’s talk about how we can work together to build the AI economy.

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