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WhereScape Data Vault Express

"WhereScape Data Vault Express can reduce the complexity and costs associated with building and updating Data Vaults, as well as the learning curve for teams new to the Data Vault methodology" 

- Daniel Linstedt, Creator of the Data Vault

Data Vault is a data warehouse modelling technique that has taken Europe by storm and is rapidly growing in the US and around the world. Developed by Dan Lindsted in the early 2000's, the technique combines Dimensional Modelling and 3NF to overcome some of the challenges of the traditional data warehousing modelling techniques.

The key benefit of Data Vault is that it becomes much easier to add new data sources to an existing data warehouse. Like any data warehouse modelling technique, the ability to automate the low-level tasks is key to allowing data teams to focus on their main goal of working in partnership with the business to deliver the data at the speed the modern business demands.

WhereScape's Data Vault Express automates the complete Data Vault lifecycle, helping data teams take advantage of the benefits of Data Vault while significantly increasing the speed of deployment and reducing time to value.

Data Vault Express helps you:

Cut the complexity and decrease the learning curve

  • Built in data vault 2.0 best practices and standards
  • Simplify and accelerate deployment with built in wizards and templates

Automate for speed

  • Automate the design, creation and operation of data vaults
  • Auto-generating
    • Hubs, satellites, and links
    • Hash keys and change keys
    • Metadata attributes, including load date and record source
    • Native code to instantiate and populate the Data Vault

Reduce risk

  • Shorten the learning curve using built in best practices and standards
  • Generate uniform and optimised native code to significantly reduce the risk inherent in learning a new target platform

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