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Migrate your data and analytics workloads to a well architected cloud-based solution.

In recent years businesses have been enjoying the cost, speed and flexibility benefits of cloud computing. Now those same benefits can be realised for your data and analytics requirements. From cloud-first to hybrid to serverless computing, this cutting-edge technology presents numerous options for businesses to choose from.

Take advantage of on-demand analytics

A cloud-based analytics infrastructure offers a scalable, usage-based solutions for compute and storage resources. By spinning up analytics instances when you need them, you only pay for what you use, offering greater return on your investment.

Broaden your analytics ecosystem

Quickly and cost effectively broaden your analytics capability with new cloud processing service such as graph databases, voice and text APIs, and real-time analytics.

Get insights faster

Cloud analytics has come a long way and now offers advanced solutions and state-of-the-art processing for fast query response time. Avoid lock-ins and limitations of on-premise solutions.

Enable agile innovation

With access to the latest, lower-cost technology your team can experiment and collaborate like never before. Increase your pace of innovation with an easier and faster route to data-driven insights and business outcomes.

A safe pair of hands

With our experience and expertise in data & analytics solutions and cloud-based infrastructure, Qrious offers a safe pair of hands to ensure you deploy a well architected solution that delivers on your business requirements. From architecture to build and deployment, as well as managed services we can help you get the most out of your data and analytics workloads. And if you need a solution quickly we have quick-start cloud deployments to get you up and running in no time.

Improve your ROI with a cloud-based data and analytics solution that delivers.
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