Managed DataOps

Complete data operations management, maintenance and monitoring.

Great analytics requires great data.

Let Qrious help manage, maintain and optimise your data operations so that it seamlessly works for your business.

Optimise the speed, agility and reliability of your data.

Managed DataOps is a fully managed service that will ensure your organisation's data operations capabilities are optimised and securely managed. 

It frees up your data and analytics team to focus on drawing actionable insight, increasing your organisation's data maturity, and enabling the far-reaching business potential of machine learning and AI.

Better still, our hassle-free packages include robust, comprehensive security services and risk management for total peace of mind.

Customised, flexible managed services

Designed to meet your specific data and data warehouse needs, Managed DataOps is made up of customisable building blocks which you can update as your organisation's needs change:

•  Data flow and data pipeline management
•  Database, data warehouse and data lake management
•  Infrastructure management
•  Automated process management
•  REST API management
•  Data visualisation and data science
•  AI and machine learning
•  Data powered marketing services

How can Managed DataOps help you?


Free-up staff to drive value

Managing day to day data operations for the organisation can eat up your data science and analytics team's valuable time.

Managed DataOps allow you to redeploy these staff back to their areas of expertise, where they can drive value for the organisation, while Qrious ensures DataOps activities are consistently, securely and expertly managed.

Industry - Insurance

Peace of mind & data security

Your data is a valuable asset: it needs to be treated as such; with strategy, security and skill.

As an ISO 27001 certified company with a spotless record, Qrious is uniquely placed to provide managed services.

Leverage our expertise and reputation to reduce risk and ensure your organisation achieves the highest possible data security standards.


The right partners for you

Organisations with low data maturity tend to start projects with ad-hoc data practices and no consistent framework or playbook to leverage. This leads to high capital project costs, one-off set-up costs and legacy systems that don’t deliver to goals.

We'll leverage our partnerships with leading providers across the data landscape to ensure you are working with the right technology for your needs.


Progress data maturity

Managed DataOps improves data quality, visibility, availability and organisation throughout its entire lifecycle.

You will shift from being an organisation with ample data supply being pushed through inefficiently to a streamlined organisation where data is pulled through leanly, based on insight and value.


Drive cost efficiencies

Our consistent approach to leveraging data across your organisation provides economies of scale that minimise overall cost – while reducing your time to insight and improving access.

We will provide the benefits of an internal DataOps department, but at a fraction of the cost of staffing internally.

Why DataOps?

Use data more effectively and efficiently. Our data architects, engineers, and service management staff will optimise, automate and manage the data lifecycle stages for your organisation.

The results? A faster end-to-end cycle time for data analytics, better insights, improved collaboration and higher profitability.

The right level of support for your organisation

Silver Support

Foundational support that focuses on getting the basics up and running, recommended for organisations whose services run on a relatively simple configuration.

Gold Support

Provides everything included in silver support, adding a next level of service to specific components and providing increased visibility.

Platinum Support

Includes all Silver and Gold level of services and functions, while also harnessing AI to improve data quality, accuracy and integrity at the highest level.


Why Qrious?


Specialist Capability

Enjoy confidence in our ability to deliver with our highly specialised data engineers, data scientists, consultants and digital marketing experts.


Outcome Focused

From our agile methodology to our customer-centric approach, we deliver outcomes that offer our clients real value and success.


New Zealand Based

Being New Zealand-based makes working with us easy. We offer implementation, support and delivery services, all in your own time zone.

Let's find the right solution
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