UbiQuity Email

Elevate the personalisation and targeting of your email marketing for more relevant messaging.

Easy and intuitive email creation that works

Getting your content into your emails has never been easier than with UbiQuity EasyEdit templates. Choose a template from UbiQuity or have a template created that exactly matches your brand. Change branding and styles with the click of the mouse. Responsive design means you’re set up for mobile right from the start. And, with EasyEdit you don’t need to test each email across different email clients. We’ve done all that for you.

Advanced personalisation

UbiQuity makes advanced personalisation easy. Within a single email you can use data changeouts to show or hide content for different segments of your customers - which means each customer gets the information that’s right for them. Create true one-to-one communications with infinite variations. And if you need to pull content such as products into your email from an external source to personalise emails, you can merge the content right into the email automatically.

Simple to sophisticated automation

Create and schedule emails that send when you want. Set up one-off or automated campaigns, from payment reminders to birthday messages. Easily create virtually any type of multi-step automation programme such as welcome, lead nurture or retention programmes.

It's easy

We’ve made sure that UbiQuity Email has everything you need to deliver advanced personalisation and segmentation. And yet it’s dead easy to learn and use. Features like A/B split testing help you to improve your messaging. The reports are easy to understand. Including being able to compare campaigns. When you’re ready you can share them.

Ready for social

Easily add ‘Share to Social’ options to your emails to encourage recipients to share content to their networks. Choose exactly what the social visitors should see – the entire email, specific content, your website or a custom landing page you create in UbiQuity. Track and target social advocates who share your content and report across social platforms.

UbiQuity scripting language

Developers love ESL. It lets you write code right into the email templates as well as anywhere in UbiQuity. You don’t need to use ESL but you can get even more control if you do. With ESL you can format merged data, pull content from your website into an email and then show the right content to the right person. Write loops, set variables, format values – it’s a complete programming language.

Transactional email

Use UbiQuity to send quotes, invoices or statements by email. UbiQuity can manage the creation of personalised attachments.

Integrated channels

The communications channels in UbiQuity are tightly integrated, which means you can message across channels to improve your results and streamline your processes. For example, if an email bounces we can trigger a TXT which asks the customer to reply with their email address. And this automatically updates the contact in UbiQuity. These concepts are what sets UbiQuity apart from most other products on the market.


Getting your email messages delivered is our business. We care about each and every message. We take it pretty seriously which is why Ubiquity has a sending reputation with SenderScore that is close to 100%. When you choose to work with Qrious you’ll automatically benefit from this reputation.

Send emails via the API

If you’ve got a website or software that needs to send emails, then you can choose to connect to UbiQuity to do the sending. Using UbiQuity means you benefit from a high sending reputation and get visibility and reporting down to the individual message level.

Local training and support
Qrious will provide you and your team with full training on how to use the UbiQuity platform. If you do need help, support is only a phone call or email away. And it’s in your own time zone, so you don’t have to wait for answers.
Expert advice
Get access to our New Zealand-based team of marketing automation consultants to ensure you’re fully leveraging your investment. We’ll work with you to manage your implementation and integration and we also offer ongoing campaign execution services to ensure you’re getting the best possible marketing results.
The UbiQuity marketing automation platform from Qrious is web-based and accessible anywhere, so there is no software to install or manage. The platform runs on cloud-based infrastructure designed to provide the highest standards of security, performance and reliability.
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