UbiQuity Survey

Create fully branded personalised online surveys in minutes. Flexible and easy to use logic. Real time reporting.

Simple to advanced surveys in minutes

Create single and multi-page surveys with flexible question types and with step-by-step guidance. Hide and show questions on tap or click. Powerful survey logic supports virtually any type of survey complexity without coding or scripts.

More personal

Surveys are a powerful messaging channel. They should be personalised. With UbiQuity you can fully personalise the entire survey experience for every respondent. Deliver a designed welcome email, customise the survey with dynamic data changeouts, hide and show questions and pages and set automated trigger and reminder messages.

More confidence

Add confidence for your customers by customising surveys with your own URLs and add SSL for added security.

Automated messaging

Set up triggered emails that send at exactly the right time. Track and report.

Intuitive research panels

Create survey panels of virtually any size, from a few dozen employees right up to your entire customer base. Manage your panel database within UbiQuity. Send survey invitations to your panel via email or TXT. Send reminders. Automate messages.

Real time reporting

Track all your survey responses in real-time. Create custom reports and share online. Download responses any time and in a number of download formats to use in your favourite reporting package.

More deploy options

Embed surveys within your website or send using Outlook. Or take advantage of the UbiQuity messaging channels and send surveys by TXT or email. Send follow up reminders to non-respondents in an automated way.

Connect your software

Connect and pull down responses and counts via the UbiQuity API. Use the API so you can build your own custom apps and reporting solutions and let UbiQuity take care of the messaging and response gathering.

Ready for social

Promote your survey to your social networks right from within UbiQuity. Easily add ‘Share to Social’ options to your surveys to encourage respondents to share to their networks. Track social advocates who share your survey and report across social platforms.

Multiple channels from a single platform

Unlike other platforms UbiQuity allows you to communicate and engage via multiple channels from a single platform. All your marketing and survey data is in one place, so you don’t need to learn and use multiple products.

Local training and support
Qrious will provide you and your team with full training on how to use the UbiQuity platform. If you do need help, support is only a phone call or email away. And it’s in your own time zone, so you don’t have to wait for answers.
Expert advice
Get access to our New Zealand-based team of marketing automation consultants to ensure you’re fully leveraging your investment. We’ll work with you to manage your implementation and integration and we also offer ongoing campaign execution services to ensure you’re getting the best possible marketing results.
The UbiQuity marketing automation platform from Qrious is web-based and accessible anywhere, so there is no software to install or manage. The platform runs on cloud-based infrastructure designed to provide the highest standards of security, performance and reliability.
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