UbiQuity Technology Infrastructure

UbiQuity is a world-class marketing automation platform developed and supported by the highly experienced Qrious technology team.

High performance

It runs on infrastructure designed to provide the highest standards of security, performance and reliability.

We’ve got a responsive team based in New Zealand to provide you with everything security and technology related.

  • Multi-tenant, secure, cloud-based application
  • n-tier architecture developed using Microsoft technologies
  • Securely hosted in New Zealand with a top-tier hosting and IaaS provider

Absolute commitment to the security, integrity and availability of customer data

The Qrious approach to security is rock solid. UbiQuity is developed and supported entirely by Qrious using industry best-practice security techniques. We have comprehensive security policies and run ongoing security awareness programmes.

  • Fully documented security processes and controls
  • Regular third-party penetration and vulnerability testing (contact Qrious for the latest report)
  • Data security and access controls:
    • Role-based security controls, IP restrictions and 2FA
    • User logins are one-way encrypted with minimum length and complexity rules
    • Extensive logging
    • Customer data is logically separated
    • Retire and delete your data from Ubiquity at any time
    • UbiQuity runs under SSL and email delivery under TLS (where possible)
    • Public links - surveys, tracked links - are custom for each Ubiquity client with optional SSL Certificates
  • Platform is aligned with OWASP Security Principles
  • Aligned with the ISO 27k standard
  • Qrious performs NZ police checks on all staff members.

Our Information Security Manager is available to meet with and complete questionnaires and audits from organisations.

Reliability and transparency

  • UbiQuity is monitored 24x7
  • Responsive business hours support and SLAs
  • Monitor and register for status updates here or connect your software to the Monitoring API

Multiple integration options

The UbiQuity platform includes a comprehensive set of options for connecting to external systems. In addition to batch data processes, APIs and webhooks allow for real-time integration:


Connect any system to UbiQuity via the UbiQuity REST APIs to access a range of options such as to synchronise contacts, send email, TXT and mobile push messages or access survey data. The API documentation is available here.


UbiQuity includes support for Webhooks which allow UbiQuity to call external systems. An example would be for UbiQuity to make an API call when a TXT message arrives or when a user completes a form. And if you're short of technical resource you can take advantage of our New Zealand-based technical services team to make integration easy and secure.

Platform and email reputation

Qrious works with large corporate and government clients and has achieved one of the highest email delivery reputations available globally. The UbiQuity platform has dedicated high-performance messaging servers and supports DKIM, SPF, TLS, dedicated IP Addresses with continuously monitored message delivery.

  • Use your own email from addresses
  • Your domain names for links
  • SSL options
  • Dedicated New Zealand TXT short codes
Local training and support
Qrious will provide you and your team with full training on how to use the UbiQuity platform. If you do need help, support is only a phone call or email away. And it’s in your own time zone, so you don’t have to wait for answers.
Expert advice
Get access to our New Zealand-based team of marketing automation consultants to ensure you’re fully leveraging your investment. We’ll work with you to manage your implementation and integration and we also offer ongoing campaign execution services to ensure you’re getting the best possible marketing results.
The UbiQuity marketing automation platform from Qrious is web-based and accessible anywhere, so there is no software to install or manage. The platform runs on cloud-based infrastructure designed to provide the highest standards of security, performance and reliability.
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