There's never been a more exciting and challenging time to be a marketer. 

The role of marketing is being disrupted by technology and the data now available at our finger tips. Both are providing new opportunities for those who move swiftly to adopt them. 

The Mood of Marketing sets out to learn how data and technology have impacted:

  • The role of the CMO today
  • How marketers measure success
  • What smart marketers focusing on
  • The impact of data generated by digital adoption
  • How marketing can become truly impactful across the business

In this report you'll learn:


The role of marketing is evolving

Technology and the explosion of data is revolutionising opportunities for marketers. 


Fastest growing marketing trends

Personalisation is no longer just a pipedream.


Skills in hot demand

The race is on to secure people with certain skills, find out who's in hot demand.

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"Our role in understanding the customer is becoming fundamental to driving business outcomes."

Marketing Director

"Marketing is moving from demand generation to entire customer experience."

Marketing Director, Professional Service

"We need to ensure our team's voice is heard much more loudly internally by our key stakeholder."

Marketing Manager