NZTech Board Announcement

A new voice for technology in New Zealand

New Zealand's tech economy has grown massively over the past decade, with some sources putting technology as NZ's second-largest export in 2021.

While this is in part due to the excellent work being done by our startup and venture ecosystem, with high-profile exits for companies like Vend and Timely, another portion of the credit for this overall industry growth belongs to an organisation that has consistently and determinedly advocated for the tech industry - NZTech. Under the leadership of CEO Graeme Muller, NZTech has brought together enterprises, startups, academia, government, and individual enthusiasts to create an ecosystem to advance NZ's technology industry.

Qrious, like its parent company Spark, is likewise dedicated to New Zealand's growth as a digital nation, creating products and services that transform organisations. As part of that commitment, we're excited to have Dr. Christopher Laing, our Director of AI and Data Science, elected to the NZ Tech Board. Already a strong voice for empowering New Zealand with Artificial Intelligence through his role on the Executive Council of the AI forum, his new appointment will enable him to advocate for the growth of the whole NZ technology sector and its contribution to the economy.

Dr. Laing has deep experience in technology, both in New Zealand and internationally, having held leadership roles at leading technology firms and global enterprises, such as Xero and Allianz. 

"NZ Tech has done a huge amount to promote the technology industry in this country. This is a great opportunity for me, and for Qrious, to give back to the community and have an impact across the sector." — Dr. Christopher Laing.

NZTech is a not-for-profit NGO that brings together 20 technology associations funded by 1,600 members who collectively work to help create a more socially and economically prosperous New Zealand underpinned by technology. Sign up to receive updates from NZTech and other members of the Tech Alliance community here.

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