Qrious targets marketing sector with big data

Qrious, the big data business borne out of Spark Ventures, announced today it was making a major push into the marketing sector to help businesses, agencies and government transform their marketing with knowledge and insights from customer data.

Simon Conroy, General Manager of Data Powered Marketing at Qrious said: “In an increasingly competitive world, businesses with an edge in acquiring, retaining and growing customers have a huge advantage. Marketers have a clear role in helping their organisations achieve customer goals.

“Most businesses are sitting on a wealth of data that can help them improve outcomes for customers and their business.  By unlocking the value in this data, businesses can provide significantly improved products and services to a broader range of customers.”

Mr Conroy said organisations were seeing the benefits from using data to improve products, services and customer experience. 

“It’s critical businesses and government are focused on what a customer’s need is – so that information provided is relevant and accessible. It’s about engaging the right customers, at the right time, in the right way.

“There are three steps to delivering real results from data: sourcing and organising data, enriching the data so that it becomes information and finding the actionable insight.

“Where necessary, we can supplement or add to the data, using a range of external, anonymous and aggregated data sources, to fill in the picture of the customer.  Then, with the right data, organised in the right way, the level of insight that can be obtained is very powerful.”

Qrious supports the delivery of these services by tapping into Qrious’ strong team of marketers and data scientists.

Mr Conroy said: “Qrious continues to add to its team of experienced marketers, to provide clients with the best insight and expertise. When backed by Qrious’ data science team – one of New Zealand’s largest – this creates a unique offering, which we call Data Powered Marketing.”

Mr Conroy also said Qrious’ modular approach was proving a significant advantage. 

“The way we work is very results driven, and projects are organised into modules that mean clients can see value consistently being delivered at every stage of the project.”

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