Find out how your customers really feel about your organisation

In today's customer centric environment, understanding how satisfied your customers are with your organisation is a key indicator of success and the potential for continue growth.

While there are various ways in which you can measure customer sentiment, one of the most effective and reliable continues to be the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Simply asking how likely someone is to recommend your organisation to a friend or family member can reveal their true feelings about your company.

What's inside

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Why NPS has become so popular

There are a number of compelling reasons including boosting business growth, its easy implementation and scalability.
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Different types of NPS

There are many ways in which NPS can be used as well as different kinds that give different types of strategically important data.
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How to get more out of your NPS score

Show your understanding of the customer's feelings and customise the follow up question based on their initial response.
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How to analyse the results

Once the results are in analyse the results and focus on implementing changes that will help your score trend up.

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