UbiQuity TXT

Take advantage of the immediacy of the mobile channel. Allow your customers to respond and engage by TXT.

Engage via multiple channels

TXT is an immediate channel and as every mobile can send and receive without needing an App it’s got high penetration with increased customer engagement. Use TXT as part of your marketing mix for programmes; customer acquisition, email address acquisition, customer engagement (anniversaries, surveys), customer reminders (bill notifications) or bounced email notifications. Use UbiQuity TXT and you’ll be able to communicate and engage via multiple channels all from a single platform.

Making it personal

Create personalised TXT messages and send to specific segments of your customers. You can even include personalised links to UbiQuity surveys, forms, events, invoices and statements or pages on your website. Easily set up one-off campaigns or create virtually any type of automation programme such as welcome, lead nurture or retention programmes.

Making the complex easy

Unlike other solutions that require a developer, UbiQuity has a programme builder that allows you to create virtually any type of TXT programme and logic. It’s more flexible and more cost effective and means you can deliver more advanced personalisation and targeting to your customer and prospects easily.

Compliance from the experts

The NZ Telecommunications regulations (TCF) is stricter than the anti-spam act. There are way more rules around how programmes can be used and the specific rules around subscribing and opting out. You don’t want to get it wrong. We’re signed up to the TCF. We’ve built rules into our technologies to help ensure you comply and we’re also able to provide advice and recommendations on the approaches you should use.

Connect your software

Connect via the UbiQuity API to send and receive TXT. Using UbiQuity means you benefit from a New Zealand short code, giving you visibility and reporting down to the individual message level. We have a New Zealand-based integration and technical team, so you don’t need to engage multiple suppliers.

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