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More relevant marketing programmes with advanced personalisation and segmentation.

FAB Group came to us when their email platform had poor performance metrics due to non-delivery issues. Since switching to Qrious they've experienced improved performance of their marketing programmes, as well as become more sophisticated in their use of automation.

With the intuitive UbiQuity platform, FAB Group are able to take advantage of a range of features to nurture their customer relationships. These include dynamic content emails, triggered emails, promotional TXT campaigns, and transactional data-based campaigns.

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"The UbiQuity platform is easy to use and has transformed our e-marketing ability." Emily Stevenson, Marketing and Communications Manager, FAB Group

The challenge

When FAB Group were searching for a new email platform they were after one that was easy to use, but feature rich so they could run targeted and highly personalised email campaigns. They had noticed their email metrics were sliding and wanted to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. The FAB Group also wanted to create more engaging, branded emails and streamline their processes. They send out email communications to multiple national brand databases and 40 local Caci Clinic databases across New Zealand - all from one central database.

The solution

UbiQuity provided FAB Group with a technology platform and services that helps them create advanced and effective digital marketing programmes.

Centralised database

Our data-driven marketing platform, UbiQuity, hosts their database and is used to send out the email newsletters for Caci, Smashbox and Murad. These are sent out by FAB Group's marketing team using specially designed Easy Edit templates for each brand. They are able to use brand and location-specific dynamic content blocks to easily personalise their communications for each person in the database.

Smart sign-up forms

To collect customer and prospect data, FAB Group has newsletter sign-up forms on each of their websites. These feed directly into UbiQuity in real time via API. They also created a programme where if anyone's email address hard bounces they are automatically sent a TXT message to update their email address. This means their database is always up-to-date, improving deliverability metrics.


FAB Group developed a range of automated marketing programmes, including reactivation of lapsed customers, 'happy birthday', and abandoned cart programmes to improve their customer relationships.

TXT campaigns

FAB Group runs regular promotional TXT campaigns to promote products and services for their different brands, which they are easily able to set up themselves in UbiQuity.

The results

Implementing UbiQuity has streamlined processes in the marketing team, allowing them to easily execute sophisticated marketing programmes across multiple channels to engage with customers. It's given the marketing team the power to use their data to create personalised and relevant communications, tailored to the location, interests or transactional activity of each of their customers.

The UbiQuity platform is powerful, yet easy for non-technical marketers to use and allows them to focus on adding value to the business, rather than the mechanics of execution.

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