Automated and replicable processes to deliver smarter events.

The New Zealand Software Association were using different products to manage events and send out their emails, which created complexity and meant that data was spread over multiple sources. They partnered with UbiQuity to create end-to-end professional looking events and allow them to focus on growing their membership.

By automating their marketing activities on the UbiQuity platform, they were able to create a single view of their data and execute end-to-end event programmes. Running a monthly event series, they were able to save on time and planning resources with an automated event process that could easily be replicated for each event.

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"Having a single integrated solution for managing events and email has reduced complexity and means we can spend less time on admin, and more time on growing our membership base and delivering great events." Roger Ford, President, NZSA

The challenge

The NZ Software Association is a membership organisation that runs a monthly event series for their members. With their event data and email data on different systems, they wanted a single view of their database. They were also looking to streamline the event process and make it less time consuming.

The solution

The UbiQuity platform inherently addressed key challenges, providing a single view of their database and end-to-end event automation. The entire event management process is supported, from email invites, registrations, branded landing page, online payment process, confirmation email, reminders and post event feedback along with real time reporting.

Since the event series is held monthly, the entire event process is replicated every month by copying the last event template and making simple event-specific changes.

The results

NZSA have appreciated the immense saving on time and planning on repetitive and manual marketing activities, helping them focus on growing their membership and creating great events. By creating an end-to-end professional experience for their customers and a single view of their customer database, their marketing programmes have become more sophisticated and agile.

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