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Pandas for Dummies

Pandas is a powerful Python tool for data analysis. Unfortunately, it is difficult to learn and has numerous gotchas which can catch out even experienced users. In this slide deck, Qrious Location Intelligence Lead, Dr Grant Paton Simpson will:

  • Explains eight key aspects of Pandas so users can confidently and safely use Pandas.
  • Includes examples of Pandas carrying out some common analytical tasks

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About the author:

In his career to date Dr Grant Paton-Simpson has been a Social Sciences researcher, Python developer, and most recently, Data Scientist at Qrious. In his spare time, he created SOFA Statistics, an open source desktop application which has been downloaded over 300,000 times. SOFA won the People's Choice Award in the 2012 NZ Open Source Awards and was a finalist in the Software Project award. 

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