ProCare delivers enhanced member engagement by providing easy, digital access to report metrics, as well as improving visibility and security.

ProCare is a Primary Health Organisation that represents the largest cooperative of healthcare professionals in New Zealand - more than 180 practices and 800,000 enrolled patients across the Auckland region. They are committed to improving the health of Aucklanders by delivering world-leading health services that offer clinical excellence, expert business support and quality general practice.

ProCare provides important reporting metrics to healthcare members that enables them to track and measure their patient care effectiveness. By taking a digital and consumer-centric approach they are improving their reporting capability, enhancing their member experience, and ultimately improving the health and well-being of Aucklanders.

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"Qrious really went the extra mile to help us get the most benefit out of the data warehouse and provide an end-to-end reporting data visualisation solution that works both for us and our members." Tony Wai, ProCare CFO & GM Corporate Services

The challenge

ProCare’s Outcomes and Quality Framework reporting was originally provided via PDF, which gave members a good snapshot view of how they were tracking. It was determined that dynamic visualisation would enable the achievements from the original reporting to be enhanced.

With more than 1,600 members needing further insight, a solution was required that would not only allow members to drill-down into patient data, but also provide access in a secure and compliant fashion.

The solution

In conjunction with a member website refresh project, ProCare decided to digitise their reporting functionality to offer improved ease-of-use and secure access to patient data, allowing for more meaningful action to be taken by their members. Qrious was selected as a trusted provider of big data and data visualisation services, as well as for their speed and highly specialised capability.

Delivering to a tight three-month deadline, Qrious implemented a Tableau-based dashboard with an interactive web portal, reporting actual versus target performance across ProCare’s ten key quality metrics, including the ability to drill down to patient-level data behind each metric.

The dashboard sources data from the centralised MS SQL Server data warehouse, which is refreshed with member practice data each night. Row-level security has been implemented to ensure visibility of only the clinicians’ patients’ data, and the dashboard has been fully integrated into the ProCare Content Management System to provide secure and seamless access.

With client outcomes at the centre of the engagement, Qrious also went beyond the scope of the project to assist ProCare with Tableau licensing recommendations and negotiation.

The results

Enhanced visibility

The new data visualisation dashboard and web portal has provided ProCare’s members with greater visibility and transparency into their data. ProCare now has a platform to develop insights to further improve the quality of healthcare delivery.

Improved data quality

With enhanced visibility and instant access to patient data, member practices can identify any incorrect information, which delivers an added benefit of improvement in the overall quality of data.

Better service delivery

Taking a customer-centric approach to the overall solution has allowed greater ease of use and access to data for members, and has offered a refreshing way to deliver the information they need. The project aims to achieve greater member engagement and satisfaction, and is the first step towards improving digital channels to members. 

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