Skinny Mobile

Rich customer insights enables targeted customer experiences.

With the resources of customer acquisition and retention in the 'value' sector of the mobile telecommunications market, Skinny is gaining a competitive edge by unlocking insights into their own data. Through its relationship with Qrious, the application of business intelligence has become embedded in the organisation, transforming the way Skinny operates.

Skinny Mobile provides mobile solutions to cost and value-conscious customers. With a motto of 'stripping everything back' and providing only mobile prepay solutions, Skinny is nevertheless focused on delivering outstanding experiences for its customers.

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"With richer customer insights we can design products and services which more accurately meet their needs, and also tailor our marketing efforts." Ross Parker, GM, Skinny

The challenge

Skinny, like many new rapidly growing businesses, managed their data in Excel spreadsheets and Access databases. While this worked well in the early years, Skinny wanted to leverage its rich customer information to drive growth through data-driven marketing and analytics. This strategy required a completely new approach to data management.

The solution

When Skinny engaged Qrious, the first step was also the most obvious one; consolidating the information sources. Pulling Skinny's data into a single data warehouse was the foundational layer required to move on to more advanced applications while delivering real-time reporting and analytics tools. Equipped with a new understanding of their customers, Skinny wanted additional support around some specific customer segments. One example was international tourists. Through the use of advanced analytics, Qrious was able to provide insights into this segment enabling Skinny to provide specific packages tailored to their needs.

The results

Baseline reporting has become an enabler for a variety of roles within the business. Staff are now empowered to ask questions, business decisions are now more informed, as well as product and service design. Improved insights have meant Skinny can more accurately meet their customers' needs by providing tailored offers based on what customers want and when they want it.

With real-time campaign insights, marketing can watch campaigns as they unfold. This has enabled Skinny to gauge the response 'mid-stream', then tailor offers on the fly to improve engagement and maximise investment. With more accurate information on the drivers of customer churn, Skinny have a greater understanding of segments, such as international tourists who will naturally leave, freeing up resource to focus on other 'at-risk' segments. 

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