What We Offer

To run a successful business you need accurate and insightful information.

However, all too often, decisions get made based on incomplete information and questionable research, managers are forced to fly blind, and opinions rule when the facts are unclear.

That’s when you need us. Qrious is a specialist big data and data analytics company, powered by Spark.

With a powerful mix of unique data sources and expert analysis the Qrious team can shed fresh light on your business, help you make better-informed decisions and lead to quantifiable gains in your business’ performance.

Qrious can reveal what is really happening in your business, and how it can be improved - based on the facts. We turn information into insights that your organisation can put into action.

Who We Are

We are Qrious. A team of innovators, thinkers and doers working collaboratively toward our goal. With decades of experience between us from a variety of sources, Qrious is a business focused on helping organisations gain more value from information, through insight and action.

  • Ed Hyde – CEO

    Ed brings a wealth of strategic, growth and transformational expertise from both telecommunications and the data and analytics space. He has guided the development of a number of start-ups in the data and mobile domain both here and in the UK, and spent a number of years as GM of Mobile at Spark.

  • Will Graham – Business Development Manager

    Will helps businesses gain a competitive advantage from the use of big data solutions in today’s digital world. With 15 years experience in the IT Industry, his previous roles include Head of Enterprise Service Management for Spark, and the Head of Enterprise Solutions for Vodafone.


    Murray believes evidence based decision making underpins better outcomes, and greater operational and strategic efficiency. With over fifteen years experience in healthcare and the public sector, Murray recognises the wealth of opportunities that exist to drive greater value for NZ Inc.

  • Peter McCallum – Head of Data and Insights

    Peter develops smart data solutions for organisations, helping them understand how data can improve business outcomes. He is highly experienced in leading teams as they work across the full spectrum of data analytics including data warehousing, business intelligence, and advanced analytics. 

  • David Wills – Technology Director

    David is passionate about building high performing teams and talent through collaboration and agile engagements. He has spent over 20 years as a technology leader, including 5 years as CIO of the UK communications regulator and more recently as General Manager of Platform Services for Xero.


    Micah brings a track record of developing customer-centric products and services that have led to commercial success. He is passionate about creating innovative solutions that deliver sustainable benefits, using the expertise he has gained across a wide range of industries.

How We Can Help

There are many ways in which Qrious can help your organisation.

For example, by measuring the actual movement of customers and prospects Qrious can help you to optimise the efficiency of your targeting. If you have a retail footprint, we can quantify how effective it is and how it can be modelled to maximise revenue.

Qrious can measure and find ways to improve the efficiency of core operational functions, such as deliveries. On a larger scale, by accurately measuring traffic flows Qrious can help you plan infrastructure decisions more effectively.

Qrious can help identify which of your customers are actively engaged in your product, which customers are at risk, and how you can improve their experiences to reduce churn.

This is all made possible thanks to the combination of data and tools Qrious can share with you. Our big data capability features unique access to significant datasets that can be integrated with your existing data and other available information.


We have access to a unique combination of data including:

  • Anonymous Spark mobile network data to help analyse movement patterns
  • Helix Persona segmentation data from our partner Roy Morgan Research
  • Unique and highly detailed weather data
  • Publically available information such as Census data

We are able to merge this data with your businesses information to develop valuable new insights and actions.


The Qrious technology platform is extremely robust:

  • Backed by the capacity, resilience and privacy of Spark’s systems
  • Built on world-class data science and analytical tools, including Hadoop and R
  • Supported by strategic partnerships with PivotalLabs, Accenture and Roy Morgan Research
  • Capable of sophisticated data visualisation and integration

Privacy & Security

At Qrious we take privacy and security very seriously. We have invested in a privacy charter of guiding principles, leading security architecture, regular penetration testing and the appropriate compliance commitments to ensure that people's privacy is protected. Our privacy document is available here.