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Harness the Power of Location Insights

Unlock the potential of our anonymised mobile location data. Qrious provides valuable insights into population density and movement patterns.



Make your customer communication more personal, relevant and powerful with UbiQuity, our brilliantly simple engagement automation technology.


Elevate your personalisation, automation and targeting for more relevant emails that perform for you and your customers. Take advantage of the immediacy of the mobile channel. Allow your customers to respond and engage by SMS. And benefit from the latest in social engagement tools.

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You have bold objectives. We have bold ideas. With a modern approach and practical steps, we can help you drive your business outcomes.

Our advisors can work with you to see where these transformational technologies fit in your business. We can build a strategy to maximise their potential value, and put frameworks in place to build your team's capability for using them.

Project Implementation

Our expert, New Zealand based team are the ideal partners to implement your next data project. With our highly specialised data engineers, data scientists, consultants and digital marketing experts, we have a well-earned reputation for effective delivery.


With our agile methodology to our customer-centric approach, our implementation, support and delivery services are focused on high-value outcomes for your organisation.  

Project Implementation
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Platform Integration

The right data architecture will not only help store and organise your data, but optimise operating costs, enable faster reporting, analysis and decision making, while helping future-proof your organisation for long-term growth.


We help you integrate the right option with your existing platforms, ensuring you make the right choice from the start for security, flexibility and accelerated outcomes.

Managed Services

Optimise the speed, agility and reliability of your data operations with a service managed by Qrious, freeing up your team to focus on drawing actionable insights from your data. We’ll help you increase your organisation's data maturity and enable the far-reaching business potential of data, analytics and AI.


Better still, our hassle-free packages include robust, comprehensive security services and risk management for total peace of mind.

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Product Suite

Licence our automation products to reduce the manual effort, increase the quality, and reduce the risk of modern data platform implementations and migration programmes.


Use Godwit to automate the migration of critical data transformation business logic from legacy to modern and use Fantail to automate the validation of the results.


Beyond these, meet our AI as a Service, a flexible and innovative offering that brings AI capabilities directly to your data projects.

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We’re in it together

Together, we represent unmatched capability to help your organisation grow faster, drive efficiency, and create positive change.​ Spark Business Group - in it together with New Zealand.​

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