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Qrious is your trusted partner for data, analytics, AI and customer engagement.


Data & Analytics

Our specialist data consultants provide deep, cross-industry expertise and an innovative point of view to help you modernise your data.

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AI & Data Science

We help to unlock the power of AI, so you can confidently plan, design & build tomorrow. For your customers, for your people, for your entire organisation.


Customer Engagement

From cross-channel customer engagement automation to leading technology solutions, we enable you to deliver smart and relevant engagement.


We’re in it together

We see an amazing future for New Zealand. Where technology can make lives better, businesses stronger, and our country the envy of the world.

We’re part of a group of specialist, world-class, Kiwi businesses working together to move New Zealand forward. Together, we represent unmatched capability to help your organisation grow faster, drive efficiency, and create positive change.

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Qrious has the ability to take what we want and create a solution. It’s amazing to have an external provider that can so quickly become aligned with what you are trying to achieve. They just get it.
— Paul Warren, Performance Analysis Manager, NZC
We're able to evolve with the business and continually deliver. By moving us to the cloud and up-skilling our team, Qrious has given us the ability to manage much of the solution in-house.
— Vincent Cheah, Health Intelligence Delivery Manager, ADHB
We have a platform which greatly condenses cost while accelerating time to insights. As we work towards enabling more reporting and insights from Snowflake, we’re shifting from backward to forward-looking.
— Casey Toia, Head of Analytics, Les Mills International
With Qrious, we were able to create seamless customer journeys and really added value for our customers. We’re beating our targets and are thrilled with the results.
— Fiona Turvey, Senior Marketing Manager, Genesis
In Qrious we found a partner that could both manage our complex back-end data requirements and statistical analytics layer, and develop an easy-to-use front-end, web-based application for our growers and packers.
— Dave Scullin, CDO, Zespri
You can’t underestimate the effect that making smarter, faster operational decisions has on patient wellbeing. We’re positively impacting the services we provide at Auckland Hospital.
— Alex Pimm, Director for Patient Management Services, ADHB
It is an investment that started with a proof of concept. The board immediately saw the potential and the value of having quality data that would allow improved health care decision making.
— Jody Janssen, Senior Business Analyst, East Health NZ
The results are excellent. DOC can now consider integrating the machine learning model into its wider monitoring programmes, and this model will have a significant impact on our efforts to help save our endangered birds.
— Gavin Walker, Chief Architect, DOC
We believe that other health providers see our achievement as something to aspire to. The board and CEO can see the benefits of our investment and are thrilled with the result.
— Jody Janssen, Senior Business Analyst, East Health NZ
Qrious produced an automated programme that not only met the objective of increasing online renewals, but ensured it followed the latest in best practice email design and customer experience.
— Sarah Gibson, Marketing Manager, AA
Qrious really went the extra mile to help us get the most benefit out of our data warehouse, and provide an end-to-end reporting and data visualisation solution that works both for us, and our members.
— Tony Wai, ProCare CFO & GM Corporate Services
With the power of data analysis, we can manage our growth, manage our resources and be a world-class city. The power to know is crucial to that.
— Brett O'Riley, CEO, ATEED
We were really impressed that they [Qrious] took the time to understand our business, find solutions that were tailored to our needs, and keep us involved at every step of the way.
— Jonathon Corlett, Principal Advisor, Marketing, INZ
The timely and personalised communication programme is well appreciated by customers while retaining the human touch of Energy Online.
— Zelda Kalmeier, Digital Marketing Manager, Energy Online

Unlock Seamless Data Migration with Qrious’ [Godwit] Accelerator!

Qrious' [Godwit] offers automation for seamless transitions between data transformation tools. This solution not only safeguards your critical assets but also simplifies the migration process. If you're looking for a straightforward approach to data tool migration, [Godwit] is the answer.

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What is the State of AI
in New Zealand?

The inaugural 2021 report delivers unique insights into the opportunities AI offers, and its potential impact on our society and our economy. It identifies the latest AI strategies and trends to establish a benchmark for New Zealand’s ‘AI maturity’. 

If you're a decision-maker across corporate, government or tertiary domains — this report is a must read.


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Being New Zealand-based makes working with us easy. We offer implementation, support and delivery services, all in your own time zone.

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