Contact Centre Optimisation

Improve customer support and drive
business efficiency.

Unlock insights from your contact centre.

Understand customer sentiment, enhance churn models, optimise team performance and, ultimately, reduce contact centre calls.

Contact centres hold a rich and underused data-set.

Contact Centre Optimisation offers businesses the chance to use this interaction audio and data to improve customer experience. 

Using machine learning and Natural Language Processing techniques to analyse audio recordings and transcripts, actionable insights will reveal the sentiment and subtleties of your customers' experience.

Use these insights to update your customer service strategy and optimise your contact centre experience to drive acquisition and retention.

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How can Contact Centre Optimisation can help you?


Call & Onboarding

Analyse actions within a call that led to a positive or negative sentiment or map the sentiment of customers through their onboarding journey.


Call Centre Team Performance

Identify knowledge gaps and training requirements. Understand the patterns behind high performing teams and use insights to bring others up to the same level.

Automated emails

Automated Customer Engagement

Automate engagement tasks off the back of sentiment analysis, including order status and delivery notifications or appointment reminders.


Recommendation Engine

Layer speech to text data with existing customer data to offer product or service recommendations based on the customer’s specific needs and preferences.


Enhance Churn & Retention Models

Regular reporting enables you to track the impact of improvements you make over time, so you can continuously refine and optimise your approach.


Reduce Contact Centre

Reduce customer complaints by drawing insights from past customer service calls. Use this intelligence to fix issues and reduce the likelihood of them being repeated

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