Sentiment Analysis

Use analytics to understand customer sentiment about your brand.

Gain insight into customer sentiment.

Text analytics from your social media and your contact centre can help you understand how your customers really feel about your brand.

Improve customer experience and service.

Sentiment analysis uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to determine the sentiment of your customers from certain types of text-based data, including your social media and call centre logs.

With sentiment analysis you can extract insights from your social data and get a feeling for public opinion on certain topics. Shifts in sentiment on social media can help to indicate 'hot or not' topics or changes in social trends.

Use sentiment analysis to discover frequent terms, phrases or concepts to understand key topics causing issues or high call volumes. 

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How can Sentiment Analysis help you?


Targeted marketing programmes

When you understand what your customers are feeling you can more effectively target your marketing programmes to suit. If you know what's resonating and what's not, you're in a much better position to recommend a particular product or adjust your marketing messaging.

Customer profile

Optimise contact centres

Sentiment Analysis can reveal opportunities for product enhancements, service or process improvements or frequently asked questions, and ultimately help to reduce the number of calls to your call centre.

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