Project Risk Predictor

Advanced analytics to minimise risk and deliver high performance projects to budget.

Harness analytics for project success.

Identify the earliest possible indicators of project risk through data analytics, so you can act fast to deliver your project as planned.

Automatic risk prediction for your project.

Managing project risk and ensuring projects run to budget should be a priority for any organisation. Often potential risks are recognised too late, affecting project success.

Our Project Risk Predictor helps to solve this problem. Through data analytics, machine learning and automated communications, Qrious can effectively monitor and predict potential budget overrun early and communicate this with your team, so you can quickly get your project back on track.

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Why choose our Project Risk Predictor?


Automatic Risk Prediction

Receive estimated revenue gain or loss for each of your projects. This automatically updates as new project data is fed through our proven model and uses historic data as a benchmark.


Facilitate swift intervention

Use our UbiQuity automated communication system to trigger risk alerts to all key stakeholders, allowing for immediate mitigation, intervention and risk management as required.


Project Delivery

Use the insights uncovered by the project risk predictions to deliver future projects to budget. The result? Happy clients and a strong reputation in the market.

How Qrious helps you

We have specialist experience implementing and optimising Project Risk Predictors. Our team of data and analytics professionals can manage the solution for you, so you can focus on project strategy and mitigation.

Why Qrious?


Specialist Capability

Enjoy confidence in our ability to deliver with our highly specialised data engineers, data scientists, consultants and digital marketing experts.


Outcome Focused

From our agile methodology to our customer-centric approach, we deliver outcomes that offer our clients real value and success.


New Zealand Based

Being New Zealand-based makes working with us easy. We offer implementation, support and delivery services, all in your own time zone.

Act fast to minimise project risk.

Get in touch to see how a Project Risk Predictor could help your organisation. Have a complex project? We can tailor a solution to your needs.