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Learn how AI can help your organisation be more efficient, profitable and competitive.

Think about how you can unleash the power of AI today, to enable the innovation of tomorrow.

AI is a meeting place for exciting new approaches and technologies.

AI is where software, powered by the cloud and fuelled by data, will augment or even outsource activities and tasks traditionally done by people, or previously seen as impossible.

With advanced technologies, algorithms and computation power, any organisation with large amounts of data can get value from AI solutions. 

In short, AI is a bold new path to make intelligent decisions and deliver smart outcomes for your business. 

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How can AI help you?

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Harness voice-to-text

Harness voice-to-text and sentiment analysis to unlock insights from your contact centre.


Make smarter decisions

Augment your team's capabilities with AI and empower them to make smarter decisions.

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Predict project risk

Automatically identify similarity between projects to help predict those at risk of budget overrun.

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Outsource data entry

Use AI to match disparate data sets together, freeing staff to focus on analytics, rather than data entry.

Why Qrious?


Specialist Capability

Enjoy confidence in our ability to deliver with our highly specialised data engineers, data scientists, consultants and digital marketing experts.


Outcome Focused

From our agile methodology to our customer-centric approach, we deliver outcomes that offer our clients real value and success.


New Zealand Based

Being New Zealand-based makes working with us easy. We offer implementation, support and delivery services, all in your own time zone.

Discover how AI can help your organisation.

We've used AI to automate data collection and integration for New Zealand Cricket, used machine learning to help DOC identify kiwi calls, and created enterprise level solutions across contact centres and project risk prediction.