Modern Data Platforms

Revolutionise the way you store, manage
and use data.

Take a modern approach to data

Future-proof your business, increase ROI and uncover a new edge to your analytics capabilities.

Speed, agility and reliability

Want to save IT budget and harness data for a competitive advantage? Shifting from a legacy data architecture to the cloud is a great first step.

For forward-looking businesses, cloud data solutions offer purpose-built frameworks that perform data processing, data consolidation, and advanced analytics like predictive modelling and AI. They allow you to maximise your data without the limitations of legacy systems, while lowering the cost of IT and reducing time to value.

Highly skilled in designing and delivering cloud data platforms across Microsoft Azure, Snowflake and AWS, our team will make sure the switch to a modern data platform goes smoothly and that you seize the opportunities the cloud presents with both hands.

How can a modern data platform help you?


Optimise operating costs

Built-for-purpose components mean your team spends less time gathering and structuring data and more time generating insights that will contribute to business success.


Future-proof your organisation

In late 2019, Forrester reported that data volume and variety are 'crushing business systems.' A modern data platform will help you meet this challenge - and thrive in an increasingly disrupted ecosystem.


Harness AI and machine learning

Lay the foundation for advanced analytics and innovation. With the right architecture, you can harness AI solutions and automation solutions to drive more efficiencies.


Make smarter, faster decisions

A data platform solution will bring together multiple data sources, powering analysis and reporting. This enables faster, better informed customer and business decisions.

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Secure your organisation's data

Your Qrious data platform solution design and build will follow exacting data security guidelines. Regular audits and penetration tests ensure your data stays safe and secure.


Create a customer data platform

A Customer Data Platform frees an organisation from depending on silos of customer data and represents the ideal multichannel and single customer view that every marketer strives to achieve.

How we'll help

Skilled consultants

Our team will help you discover and deliver on the potential of your data. We’ll open your eyes to what can be achieved, and we can help you make it happen.


Best of breed tech

Choose the solution that works best for you with services for building and managing your data infrastructure across best of breed technology from leading providers.

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Managed services

Focus on using your data to optimise your organisation while Qrious manages the design, build and continuous support and monitoring of your data platform.

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Abano Healthcare

"We're saving some real dollars, our work is being done faster and it is a lot easier for everybody to collaborate" - Peter Radich, Abano Healthcare CIO

Read how by migrating their data warehouse to Azure, Abano Group are making cost savings, accelerating innovation, and driving data value.

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Why Qrious?


Specialist Capability

Enjoy confidence in our ability to deliver with our highly specialised data engineers, data scientists, consultants and digital marketing experts.


Outcome Focused

From our agile methodology to our customer-centric approach, we deliver outcomes that offer our clients real value and success.


New Zealand Based

Being New Zealand-based makes working with us easy. We offer implementation, support and delivery services, all in your own time zone.

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