WhereScape RED

Data warehouse automation software that enables the rapid creation of a flexible data warehouse.

Why WhereScape RED?

Data warehouses and the teams that manage them are often criticised for being too slow and expensive to keep up with the requirements of the business. Why? Developers need time to write code and manual tasks don’t scale particularly well. 

WhereScape automates the entire data warehouse lifecycle from design and planning through to implementation, operation and renovation. The combination of code generation, best practice, flexibility and ease means you can focus on the business problem and not the code itself.

It’s a great solution for innovative New Zealand companies who have to do with less. The speed, agility and simplicity that the software enables rapidly accelerates the output of data teams which can a have transformational impact on the way companies use data. Companies can get more value, more quickly. 

The WhereScape RED benefits

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Automation gives you speed

WhereScape RED removes the need for 95% of manual coding.

Many processes in building a data warehouse are repeatable. The way a data store is built is practically the same, regardless of the database language used. Using the universal language of databases (SQL), WhereScape RED automates the repeatable frameworks.


Cloud-friendly ELT architecture

WhereScape RED supports multiple databases with a light architecture which does not require an additional ELT server.

As a Platform as a Service (PaaS), it is designed to 'plug in' to the coud platform. WhereScape RED's push down low movement ELT architecture is perfect for cloud and bursty workloads.


A single, end-to-end tool

Unlike the traditional multi-tool approach, WhereScape RED offers end-to-end lifecycle management. It consolidates multiple tools into one complete data warehouse lifecycle management tool, allowing for greater agility and efficiency:

- ETL tool
- Modelling tool
- Requirements tool
- Deployment tool


Understand before you act

As the business picture changes, WhereScape RED keeps you agile so you can keep pace with it. Software driven impact analyses means when you need to make a change, you can get a full picture at the click of a button.

You have flexibility to change quickly as feedback comes from the business. This agility saves money and time and even allows for experimentation.


Built-in best practice

Best practice agile data warehouse methodologies are built into the WhereScape RED. These frameworks mean there's no key man dependency - one developer can pick up where another has left off.

By the same token, the inbuilt best practice frameworks compress the learning curve for those picking it up for the first time, and mean that


Automated documentation

WhereScape RED generates crucial documentation. Documentation like; where data has come from, how it's been calculated, what rules have been applied and what they mean.

It automates the creation of and provides a single repository for all documentation and makes it accessible to all.

What Qrious offers

With our recent acquisition of NOW Consulting, Qrious is now the exclusive New Zealand reseller of WhereScape, and the world's most experienced services provider for WhereScape based solutions.

By combining NOW Consulting's depth of knowledge of WhereScape technologies with Qrious' rich data, analytics and AI expertise, we offer end-to-end, future-focused data solutions.

With over 150 WhereScape customers across New Zealand, Qrious is uniquely placed to help you get your data infrastructure and data integration projects delivered, fast. 

How we'll help drive success for your organisation


Proven methodologies

We have over twenty years experience in data integration, data infrastructure and data warehousing. Harness our design-led, agile methodologies to help achieve your business goals.


A powerful partnership

We believe it's not only our job to help plan, configure and execute your WhereScape solution, but also to educate your team and support the development of your in-house capabilities.



We're a pragmatic, outcome-focused team. We'll work with you to discover what's possible, and take ownership of your outcomes, focusing on rapid delivery, agile thinking, and ongoing, iterative value delivery.

Want to take WhereScape RED for a test drive?
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