Adobe Campaign Services

We've partnered with Adobe to help New Zealand enterprises create powerful, personal marketing campaigns.

Why Adobe Campaign?

A best in class campaign management solution for enterprise marketers. Scalable and end-to-end, Adobe Campaign enables you to create cross-channel campaigns that drive meaningful customer experiences and deliver a high return on investment.

Real-time campaign management means you can create dynamic campaigns through all channels, including email, website, SMS, direct mail, social, apps, point of sale and call centre.

With deep personalisation capabilities, use your rich customer data to create dynamic campaigns that delight your customers throughout their entire journey.


Strong email marketing

Email is fundamental in a strong cross-channel marketing strategy. Adobe Campaign will help you to improve your email marketing with personalised and contextually relevant messages.


Dig deep into customer journey

Adobe Campaign helps you to identify customers by their interests, loyalty status, location and more. Understand who your customers are, and the best way to stay in touch with them, from acquisition to retention.

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A multi-channel strategy

Easily design, manage and deliver highly personalised and synchronised omni-channel experiences with tight alignment and smart automation.

What Qrious offers

Technology on its own isn't enough. Qrious offers local strategy and support to get you up and running fast so you can drive maximum value from Adobe Campaign. 

As local pioneers in marketing automation, we know how to deliver complex, cross-channel experiences that work in the New Zealand market. 

We'll dive deep into your objectives, marketing programmes and data sources to ensure that you get the best Adobe Campaign solution for your needs. 

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How we'll help drive marketing success for your organisation

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Proven methodologies

We know how to implement and execute complex, cross-channel experiences. Harness our methodologies in strategic planning, technology and ongoing marketing execution to help achieve your business goals.


A true partnership

We believe its our job to not only help plan, configure and execute your Adobe solution, but also to educate and support the development of your in-house capabilities so you can move at the speed of marketing.


Strategic & tactical support

Our specialists are on-hand to provide ongoing campaign execution services as well as best practice strategic advice, ensuring you are best placed to deliver efficient and effective automated marketing programmes.

Local support

Data-driven marketing specialists

We’re the only New Zealand company with both data and technical expertise, backed by a full range of marketing services, so we can deliver the best data-driven customer engagement outcomes. 

Want to learn more about Adobe Campaign?
Let's chat about how Adobe Campaign can help your organisation win big in marketing - and how the Qrious team can help you get up and running fast.