Brilliantly simple marketing
automation technology.

Make your messaging more personal, relevant
and powerful with UbiQuity.

Multi-channel marketing.

Up your game with sophisticated, highly personalised, multi-channel communications. With UbiQuity, a single platform delivers multiple solutions across Email, TXT, Push and Social. 

Elevate the personalisation and targeting of your email marketing for more relevant messaging. Take advantage of the immediacy of the mobile channel. Allow your customers to respond and engage by TXT. Use the latest in social marketing, such as Facebook Custom Audiences and Messenger Bots.

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Elevate the personalisation, automation and targeting of your email marketing for more relevant messaging.

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Take advantage of the immediacy of the mobile channel. Allow your customers to respond and engage by TXT.

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Automatically send personalised, relevant messages straight to your app user's home screen.



Use the latest in social media marketing, such as Facebook Custom Audiences and Messenger Bots.


Simple, effective engagement.

Build a better picture of new and existing customers through fully integrated Forms, Surveys, Web Tracking and Event registration processes. Capture deeper insights through feedback, NPS surveys and engagement quizzes.

Everything you learn about your customer from multiple sources is stored in a centralised database. It's a treasure trove you can harness to create personalised and relevant customer experiences.



Streamline and automate your event registration process. Accept credit card payments online.



Create fully branded personalised online surveys in minutes. Flexible and easy to use logic. Real time reporting.


Forms & Landing Pages

Capture customer data easily. Progressive profiling. Personalised and easy to create.

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Web Tracking

Target individual customers as they visit your website. Create goals. Understand your return on marketing investment.

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Automation and personalisation made easy.

Create sophisticated marketing programmes across multiple channels to get the right message in front of the right customer at the right time. Know what’s working and what’s not by organising and tracking performance of programmes and campaigns from one place.

UbiQuity unlocks the power of a single, flexible database to make advanced personalisation, segmentation and automation fast, efficient and easy.  New Zealand made, and supported by a local team of experts, you'll have training and support when you need it. 


Marketing Database

An intuitive marketing database that provides a single view of customer with behavioural and transactional data.

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Campaign Mananger

Effectively manage multi-channel, automated marketing campaigns in a seamless, single view environment.

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Sophisticated marketing technology.

With the Engage API and webhooks, UbiQuity can connect seamlessly to your CRM or other software. This means you can pull UbiQuity survey responses out to your own reporting software or set up a real-time data transfer between UbiQuity and another database with ease. 

With an absolute commitment to the security, integrity and availability of customer data, we run UbiQuity on infrastructure designed to provide the highest standards of security, performance and reliability. Better still? We have a responsive team based in New Zealand to ensure high performance and best practise.



API & Webhooks

Easy integration with your CRM and other systems. Reduce manual work and streamline your marketing processes.


Technology Infrastructure

UbiQuity is a world-class platform built to the highest standards of security, performance and reliability.

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Why Qrious?

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Specialist Capability

Enjoy confidence in our ability to deliver with our highly specialised data engineers, data scientists, consultants and digital marketing experts.

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Outcome Focused

From our agile methodology to our customer-centric approach, we deliver outcomes that offer our clients real value and success.


New Zealand Based

Being New Zealand-based makes working with us easy. We offer implementation, support and delivery services, all in your own timezone.

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