Privacy Policy

Qrious takes it's approach to privacy very seriously and maintains a set of commitments that the team and business adhere to.

  • Qrious recognises its responsibility, as an agent, data store and pocessor of the personal information supplied to it.
  • Qrious complies with the Privacy Act 1993, and is actively involved in new generation privacy practices, including the use of privacy impact assessments and privacy by design principles.
  • Qrious requires its customers to comply with the Privacy Act 1993, and to have transparent privacy policies and practices that fulfil those policies.
  • Qrious respects the privacy commitments that its customers make to third parties and expects its customers to honour those commitments when using Qrious services.
  • Qrious has reasonable safeguards to ensure that any personal information provided to Qrious is kept secure.
  • Qrious ensures its staff understand their obligations under the Privacy Act and this charter, and treats any breach of its privacy processes as a disciplinary issue.
  • Qrious privacy practices are independently audited annually.
  • Qrious stays informed of local and global privacy developments and best practice.

If you have any questions about how Qrious manages privacy or personal identifiable information, please feel free to contact us.

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About our Datasets

We follow strict processes to make sure customer privacy is protected when selecting data sources. Below you can find additional information about the datasets we use and where you can find additional information on this data source.

Anonymised Location Data

We receive a feed of anonymised network usage data from Spark New Zealand that tells us how mobile devices use the Spark network. We only use this in an aggregated form to understand movement patterns within New Zealand. If you are a Spark customer and would like to learn more, click here.

Customer Segmentation

We have access to Roy Morgan's Helix Persona segementation data that we use to provide demographic and behavioural insights. Roy Morgan research compiles this segmentation through the use of surveys from a representative sample of the New Zealand population. If you would like to understand more about Roy Morgan's approach and privacy policy, click here.

Census and other Public Data

We use Census and other publicly available data to generate more valuable insight for key decision makers in New Zealand. If you would like to understand how New Zealand public organisations approach data sharing, click here. 


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