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Engage with your customers using the latest advances in social media marketing.

Facebook Messenger bots

Engage with customers and prospects where they’re most active and collect data from everyone who interacts with your bot. Store user’s data in UbiQuity where it can be queried through filters and used to target contacts with relevant content based on their interaction with your bot - as well as other data held within the database. Save time. Queries are answered instantaneously, and the bot can interact with multiple users at one time.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences is a powerful targeting tool, allowing you to match UbiQuity contacts with those on Facebook, and target them with content and ads. Improve your Facebook targeting using data held in your UbiQuity database - that Facebook doesn’t have. Custom audiences are automatically updated daily with new contacts that match the filter criteria. Use Facebook Custom audience filters to target further comms through other UbiQuity channels.

Enrich your database

Linking your UbiQuity database to social media will enrich your database and create a comprehensive single view of prospects and customers. Consolidate all marketing data in the one place - including data captured from social media. This enables more sophisticated personalisation, segmenting and targeting of your messages.

Advanced multi-channel marketing

UbiQuity social integration adds another channel through which you can engage in more targeted and relevant ways. Data captured from social channels can further personalise and target your marketing messages through other UbiQuity channels - and vice versa.

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