Apex NZ

From 7 hours to 7 mins: Transforming mission critical data processing for Apex NZ

Apex NZ is pioneering new heights of efficiency and data management with the transition to a cutting-edge modern data platform.

I’m really happy with Qrious’ contribution, their guidance and their expertise. They've definitely pushed us forward and our team is stronger for it.
– Josh Arnold, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Apex NZ
In my role, I understand the cost of delay very well – and the value for us of moving faster is huge. Qrious provided a way of getting to where we want to be much faster. Sure, we could have probably gotten here ourselves eventually. Probably with a few dead-ends, and a bit of feeling our way in the dark. In business – and Product Development especially – time is money.
— Josh Arnold, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Apex NZ
Getting advice and assistance from Qrious helps you avoid poor choices and wasting money along the way. The data platform landscape is rough and there’s hundreds of ways to waste time and money. But Qrious have roamed all over that landscape. They can help you plot a direction that suits your business and can keep you away from the cliff edges and potholes along the way. When the terrain is complex, it helps to have experts guide you in the right direction.”
– Josh Arnold, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Apex NZ
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