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Harnessing the power of AI to combat disease outbreaks in livestock

Ingenum is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionise the way we detect and respond to livestock diseases. Its solutions are already making a difference in New Zealand.

We [Ingenum and Qrious] have a complementary but alternative skillset with a nice crossover. It is part of why this relationship is so good. There is a clear understanding of where we integrate, and a mutual trust and respect of our respective fields.
– Tom Brownlie, Founder and Director, Ingenum
I've now completed live on-stage demonstrations of the technology at conferences in New Zealand and Australia. It’s led to really engaged conversations and invitations to visit veterinary practices. It wouldn't have happened without Qrious.
— Tom Brownlie, Founder and Director, Ingenum
We are just beginning to understand how far we can go with this technology. It's a really exciting path to be on.
– Tom Brownlie, Founder and Director, Ingenum
Are you wanting to harness the power of AI?
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