Optimising event management in Auckland with smart visitor insights.

Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) has worked with Qrious to use smart data insights to understand their audience.

The difficulty we’ve always had is knowing just how much any one event requires: overprovision, and you’re spending too much while tying up resources which could be used elsewhere. Under-provision, and the experience you’re delivering won’t be satisfactory for event attendees.
- Brett O’Riley, CEO, ATEED
With the power of data analysis we can manage our growth, manage our resources and be a world class city. The power to know is crucial to that.
- Brett O'Riley, CEO, ATEED

The results


Delivering better events

Not only did ATEED get a far more accurate picture of the numbers attending, but insights into demographics of attendees enabled them to improve the quality of their events and deliver excellent value for money.


Informed decision-making

Understanding that most Lantern Festival attendees came from the inner-city meant ATEED reconsidered a proposal to move the event from the central city, opting for a bigger venue at Auckland Domain that would appeal to the largest part of the audience.


Myths dispelled

Rich insights provided by Qrious dispelled a range of myths about the types of people who attended different ATEED events.


Sponsorship information

Having the ability to talk to the demographics events are reaching, and backing this up with real information provided a powerful message for sponsors.

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