Enhancing the view experience by
becoming data-driven

Lightbox delivers an exceptional viewer experience and remains globally competitive using data insights.

Through the work we have done with Qrious we are moving towards becoming a truly data-driven business, enabling us to ensure we are providing our subscribers with the best possible viewing experience and stay competitive with global content providers.
- Hema Patel, GM Lightbox

The results


Reporting efficiency

Housing data in a centralised store grants access to teams across the organisation, simplifies the reporting process and saves time and resources.

Management and finance teams can easily pull data they need in real-time. Analysts are able to carry out investigative work on areas such as customer information, engagement levels and churn analysis.


Self-service reports

Lightbox are now able to run a regular report that investigates engagement levels and how subscribers are watching the content.

These self-service reports are used to guide marketing activity. Based on different people’s viewing behaviour they will receive varying and relevant marketing communications.


Subscriber insights

Lightbox can use customer segmentation profiling in conjunction with the RFM model to understand what different people are watching.

This can then inform recommendations to viewers and content purchase decisions.

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